Social Commitment

Motivation through social responsibility

With around 1,100 employees across three sites, Indorama Ventures recognizes its special responsibility towards society as an employer, a business partner, a supplier and a centre for apprenticeships and training.

We actively contribute to the sustainable economic development of the regions and federal states where we are based through a variety of initiatives and policies, supporting activities which demonstrate outstanding social engagement and/or offer career perspectives for young people.  

Apprenticeships and Training

Indorama Ventures offers apprenticeships and training schemes at all three of its sites. Find out more at Apprenticeships and Training.

We collaborate closely with local and regional schools and higher education institutions, including offering internships along with placements for final year Bachelor and Masters students. Find out more at Internships and placements.



Early career development

"Leuchtfeuer" design © Image: Theresa Scholl

Indorama Ventures sponsors a number of higher education and cultural projects with a textile element. Our most recent initiative, “students@trevira” offers students and young professionals a platform to present their textiles made with Indorama Ventures products to a larger audience. 

In 2019, Theresa Scholl and Marie Schuhmann presented their designs at the international Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt, with work based on Indorama Ventures glossy flame retardant polyester yarns.  

“Brücke” (Bridge) shows two variations on a knitted curtain. The curtain provides a sun-protective screen which is also sound-insulating. “Leuchtfeuer” (Beacon) is also a sun-protective, screening curtain but is made of a variety of knitted textiles with a three-dimensional surface and overlapping hang, offering particularly good sound insulation.

“Guben tut gut” - Guben is good for you

“Guben tut gut” (Guben is good for you) is a special initiative aimed at supporting former Gubeners who want to return to the region, delivered under the aegis of the Guben tourist board (Marketing und Tourismus Guben e.V.). Together with the Guben local council and the Guben Housing Association (GuWo), the initiative has brought together Guben’s most important stakeholders across the public and private sector to form a network offering support and activities for people looking to move (back) to Guben.

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“Bobingen ist bunt” - Diverse Bobingen

Trevira is a long-term member of the Bavarian Environment Pact and the Environment Partnership Brandenburg and participates in the initiative “Bobingen ist bunt”. A first meeting on 26 July 2012 saw residents of Bobingen come together with representatives of organisations, associations, political parties, networking groups, churches, trade unions and Bobingen’s culture department in a democratic citizens’ alliance against right-wing extremism.

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