Endless applications

As your professional partner for special fibres, Indorama Ventures offers a unique combination of high quality raw materials, manufacturing expertise and development know-how.

Indorama Ventures is part of the Indorama group, one of the most important polyester manufacturers worldwide. Moreover, together with our experts at our German production sites Bobingen (Bavaria) and Guben (Brandenburg) decades of knowledge and experience can be benefited from. All this gives you, the customer, access to a unique resource.

Our highly efficient, flexible production facilities (our production site maintains 15 spinning units at Bobingen alone, for example) make it possible to tailor production in line with individual customer requirements.

Indorama Ventures is known globally for its yarns for flame retardant textiles made from inherently flame retardant polyester (Trevira CS), for its antimicrobial polyester yarns (Trevira Bioactive) and for its many other special fibres and filaments.

With state-of-the-art hardware and expertise, Indorama Ventures is the ideal choice for developing and testing new products. At our Bobingen production site, for example, we have a polymer research group, and it’s at Bobingen that we also carry out our filament spinning tests. Our in-house analytical and textile laboratories provide on-site support and follow-up for these activities. This joined-up working structure results in a hugely efficient resource for the development of new products.

At our Guben production site, specialised in filaments, our seamless quality control processes are set in motion from the moment we begin our in-house polyester production. They continue throughout the processing and finishing stages right up to final assembly and packaging, giving you a long-term competitive advantage when you work with Indorama Ventures. With the help of our own laboratories, we are able to ensure that this level of quality is permanently maintained, constantly monitoring products and processing to ensure that we always comply with our own high standards.

Special filaments for (nearly) every need

We offer an extensive range of high quality filament yarns with a variety of functions. Fields of application range from home and contract textiles, textile automotive interiors and apparel to technical applications.

When it comes to making filaments, our expertise gives you the competitive edge

Over sixty years’ experience in research and development means that you, our customer, can tap into a huge resource when it comes to making your individual, tailored solutions a reality. Filaments can be designed and manufactured to requirements for a variety of applications and onward processing. Indorama Ventures highly qualified team of experts are there at your side every step of the way to help you develop, monitor and if necessary optimise your product, ensuring that it completely meets requirements and is fit for purpose in terms of functionality and design.

Flat and textured yarns

Perfectly positioned

At Trevira, we offer a wide selection of flat and textured filament yarns

Spun-dyed yarns

Sustainable and versatile

Our spun-dyed yarns have a unique advantage – they are sustainably manufactured in an extensive and diverse range of options

Elastic yarns

Stretch that’s made to measure

Optimal stretch performance for your individual application

Flame retardant yarns

Built-in safety

Textiles made from our flame retardant filament yarns meet all important international fire safety standards

Antimicrobial yarns

For clean, fresh textiles

Our antimicrobial filament yarns inhibit the growth of bacteria and micro-organisms

Low-melt polyester yarns

Our low-melt yarns melt at a lower temperature than normal polyester, meaning it’s possible to provide additional thermal stiffening for textile fabrics in a wide variety of applications

Recycled yarns

Sustainable and good for the environment

Our filament yarns from recycled PET bottles offer a sustainable alternative to traditional raw materials

EcoDye yarns

Faster, more cost-effective dyeing

Our EcoDye yarns make dyeing easier and save on energy costs

PLA filament yarns

innovative and sustainable

Our filament yarns made of the PLA biopolymer represent an alternative to traditional raw materials – one that’s pointing the way to the future

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