Flat and textured yarns

Product range

Indorama Ventures offers its customers a comprehensive and diverse range of flat and textured yarns. At our production site in Guben, we have a variety of specialised spinning machines for flat and textured pre-yarns. Our texturing facilities for DTY and ATY processing are also based here. Many of them are fitted with specific modifications to allow us to fulfil individual customer requirements to an optimal level. The production site has the added advantage of a warping department for section beams, in order to ensure that the high quality requirements of our customers specialising in warp-knit and multiaxial fabrics can be met with absolute precision.

Available yarn counts in filament yarns
Flat yarns: 22 to 300 dtex
Textured yarns: 35 to 4,000 dtex
capillary cross sections: Round, trilobal, triangular, octolobal

Textured yarns - the manufacturing process

We use two different manufacturing processes for our textured yarns:
DTY = draw textured yarn (false twist textured)
ATY = air textured yarn (air textured)

Flat and textured yarns - supply and packaging

Spools (palette packaging) or warped on section beam (TKB)

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