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You can find here our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, brochures to download, forms for trademark applications and certificates and reports.

News update

Measures coronavirus

English (pdf; 79.4kB)
German (pdf; 80.9kB)

General Terms & Conditions of Sale

English (PDF; 111.8kB)
German (PDF; 63.5kB)

General Terms & Conditions of Purchase

General Terms & Conditions of Purchase Trevira GmbH

English (pdf; 65.3kB)
German (pdf; 62.2kB)

Special Terms of Contract for Construction, Assembly, and External Services

German (pdf; 89.6kB)

Special Terms of Contract for the Purchase of Software, Hardware, and IT Services

German (pdf; 46.5kB)

Certificates general

ISO 9001

English (pdf; 393.1kB)
German (pdf; 392.9kB)

ISO 14001

English (pdf; 393.1kB)
German (pdf; 393.1kB)

ISO 50001

English (PDF; 414.3kB)
German (PDF; 414.2kB)


English (pdf; 83.4kB)
German (pdf; 82.0kB)

AEO Certificate / Authorized Economic Operator

English (pdf; 716.3kB)
German (pdf; 250.8kB)
French (pdf; 507.6kB)
Spanish (pdf; 693.6kB)
Italian (pdf; 931.9kB)

Certificates Oeko-Tex (password protected)

English(pdf; 798kB)
German(pdf; 796kB)
French(pdf; 798kB)
Italian(pdf; 779kB)

Certificates Oeko-Tex for Trevira products made from recycled raw materials (password protected)

Englisch(pdf; 798kB)
Deutsch(pdf; 796kB)
Französisch(pdf; 798kB)
Italienisch(pdf; 779kB)

GRS (Global Recycled Standard) Certificates (password protected)

English(pdf; 796kB)

Certificates and expert reports Trevira CS

Certificate Stain and cleaning behaviour Trevira CS

English (pdf; 1.0MB)
German (pdf; 1.0MB)

Report Stain and cleaning behaviour Trevira CS

English (pdf; 1.6MB)
German (pdf; 1.6MB)

Certificate Economic cleaning behaviour Trevira CS

English (pdf; 1.6MB)
German (pdf; 1.6MB)

Report Economic cleaning behaviour Trevira CS

English (pdf; 2.4MB)
German (pdf; 2.5MB)

Processing instructions for the production of flame retardant textiles for the trademarks Trevira CS, Trevira CS flex, Trevira CS eco.

To obtain this document, please contact your Trevira sales representative.

Certificates fire safety

A survey on standards for testing the burning behaviour of home textiles in Europe and America is available at

Trevira CS fire safety brochure

English (pdf; 931.4kB)

Access to certificates and test reports is protected with a password. Please contact us if you do not have a password.
Tel. +49-8234-9688-2333

You can download the relevant documents here. Please note they can only be used in combination with a valid trademark approval.

General Building Authority Certificate for Trevira CS textile fabrics (password protected)

German(pdf; 2.5MB)

General Building Authority Certificate for Trevira CS wall coverings (password protected)

German(pdf; 2.5MB)

Certificate EN 13501-1 / ABZ (password protected)

German(pdf; 348.2kB)
English(pdf; 368.5kB)
French(pdf; 5.7MB)
Italian(pdf; 676.3kB)

Brochures general

Trevira company flyer

English (pdf; 797.6kB)
German (pdf; 801.8kB)

Bobingen plant brochure

English (pdf; 1.5MB)
German (pdf; 1.5MB)

Guben plant brochure

English (pdf; 2.9MB)
German (pdf; 2.8MB)

PLA – Trevira fibres and filament yarns made from biopolymers

English (pdf; 588.9kB)
German (pdf; 552.0kB)

Bicomponent fibres

English (pdf; 1.9MB)

Recycling at Trevira - Sinfineco and Trevira CS eco

English (pdf; 791.7kB)
German (pdf; 794.6kB)

Returnable packaging catalog

Various (pdf; 1.3MB)

Packaging returns form

English (pdf; 42.7kB)
German (pdf; 42.4kB)

Brochures home textiles

Here you can access our brochures for the home textiles sector. We will be pleased to make these available to customers and partners in hard copy as well – at no cost. In this case please contact

Trevira CS General brochure

English (pdf; 5.2MB)
German (pdf; 5.3MB)

Trevira CS Book of Green Ideas

English (pdf; 6.1MB)
German (pdf; 6.1MB)

Trevira CS Sales arguments

English (pdf; 63.7kB)
German (pdf; 67.5kB)
French (pdf; 68.5kB)
Spanish (pdf; 63.1kB)
Italian (pdf; 68.4kB)
Turkish (pdf; 86.5kB)
Russian (pdf; 418.0kB)
Arabian (pdf; 147.3kB)
Chinese (pdf; 259.7kB)
Japanese (pdf; 245.2kB)
Korean (pdf; 305.1kB)
Croatian (pdf; 85.4kB)
Dutch (pdf; 68.3kB)
Polish (pdf; 93.0kB)
Slovak (pdf; 85.7kB)
Czech (pdf; 79.4kB)
Hungarian (pdf; 85.7kB)

Trevira CS Bioactive Sales arguments

English (pdf; 69.4kB)
German (pdf; 69.8kB)
French (pdf; 74.6kB)

Trevira Bioactive – the antimicrobial

English (pdf; 690.8kB)
German (pdf; 694.1kB)

Trevira CS Safety Brochure

English (pdf; 931.4kB)
German (pdf; 1.0MB)

Brochures apparel

Trevira Bioactive – the antimicrobial

English (pdf; 690.8kB)
German (pdf; 694.1kB)

Arguments Trevira Bioactive

English (pdf; 90.5kB)
German (pdf; 91.6kB)

Trevira 350

English (pdf; 226.0kB)
German (pdf; 230.3kB)
French (pdf; 233.8kB)
Italian (pdf; 213.6kB)
Chinese (pdf; 1.1MB)

Trevira Perform

English (pdf; 411.4kB)
German (pdf; 414.8kB)
French (pdf; 414.1kB)
Italian (pdf; 412.1kB)
Russian (pdf; 518.5kB)

Trevira Perform - Moisture Control

English (pdf; 491.2kB)
German (pdf; 493.8kB)
Chinese (pdf; 752.7kB)
Japanese (pdf; 1.4MB)

Spun-dyed colour cards

Trevira Standard Polyester - recycled and spun-dyed

Various (jpg; 825.4kB)

Trevira CS spun-dyed colour card

Various (jpg; 5.0MB)

Trevira CS outdoor spun-dyed colour card

Various (jpg; 1.1MB)

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Dr. Isabell Krieger

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