Trevira Perform Moisture Control

The high performance brand for a pleasant climate

The basis for low-pill, breathable fabrics. Whether as part of a blend or on its own, Trevira Perform Moisture Control offers the perfect combination of comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Advantages at a glance

  • Excellent moisture transport
  • Rapid moisture dispersal and evaporation
  • Quick-drying
  • Low-pill
  • Easy-care
  • Washable with good light and colour fastness
  • Pleasant to handle products
  • Good electrostatic properties
  • UV and chlorine resistant

Increased functionality

Trevira Perform, our basis for permanently functional and flagship low-pill fabrics, now comes with an additional function. “Moisture Control“  textiles are capable of absorbing moisture from the skin and transporting it via the fibres and yarns to the outward-facing surface of the fabric.

Dryness through moisture control

As the skin gives off water vapour molecules, these are rapidly transported from the inner to the outer-facing surface of the fabric using the special “dual channel system” design of the fibres. The moisture transported to the surface of the fabric disperses over its surface area, allowing it to evaporate quickly. In this way the inner side of the textile – the side in contact with the skin – stays dryer, avoiding that unpleasant chill feeling.

For a pleasant climate

Tests have shown that Trevira Moisture Control fibres require a significantly shorter drying time than other fibres or even filaments. Textiles containing Trevira Moisture Control fibres are thus the perfect choice for outerwear, corporate wear and sportswear. They create a pleasant climate and enhance our well-being. But they don’t just feel good – they are also visually appealing, thanks to their low-pill quality.

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