Spun-dyed yarns

Product range

Indorama Ventures range of spun-dyed filament yarns is both extensive and diverse. The dyeing process takes place during the spinning process, with the necessary dyes being added directly into the polymer. This makes the process significantly more environmentally friendly and sustainable compared to traditional yarn-dyed filaments. The broad colour palette is another argument for choosing Trevira spun-dyed yarns, especially as we are also able to meet the demand for small-scale production volumes in our standard colours. And of course, we are also happy to respond to individual customer requests for orders above a certain quantity.

Our spun-dyed yarns are also available in fluorescent colours (yellow or orange to DIN standards e.g. for use in high-visibility jackets).

Available yarn counts in filament yarns
Flat yarns: 50 to 300 dtex
Textured yarns: 35 to 4000 dtex
Available capillary cross sections: Round, octolobal

Spun-dyed yarns - supply and packaging

Spools (palette packaging) or warped on section beam (TKB)


To get an overview of the offered standard colours, you have the opportunity to download some of our spun-dyed colour cards in our Download Centre.

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