Trevira Mirco

The fine brand

The basis for light, elegant fabrics. Finer than any natural fibre, Trevira Micro fabrics are extremely comfortable to wear and feel pleasant next to the skin.

Advantages at a glance

  • High air permeability
  • Low wet and dry weight
  • Good water vapour permeability
  • Short drying times 
  • Ideal care properties
  • Soft and pleasant handle

From sport to fashion

Trevira Micro forms the basis for light and elegant fabrics. Originally developed for innovative functional wear in high-performance sports, Trevira Micro is now inspiring the world of fashion with its immediate sensory and visual appeal. Its alluring looks and soft feel, and a sense of enveloping luxury, make its advantages self-evident.  Trevira Micro offers a distinctive palette of choices. Fabrics can be transparent, they can flow through the hands like silk, they can be velvety, sueded or brushed…its fashion potential is infinite, in outerwear, functional underwear or bodywear. And naturally, Trevira Micro also possesses all the tried and tested Trevira fabric properties like dimensional stability, colourfastness and ease of care. Trevira Micro is a gift to the world of fashion, a new fabric whose many advantages are trailblazing the path to the future. 

Range of applications

Active and sportswear

  • water vapour permeable
  • moisture-regulating
  • temperature-regulating

Women’s outerwear

  • aesthetic and elegant
  • washes perfectly
  • hard-wearing and light

Outdoor wear

  • soft and functional
  • hard-wearing
  • water- and weatherproof


  • comfortable and pleasant next to the skin
  • versatile in blends or stand-alone
  • easy-care

Let’s mix things up

Alongside Trevira Micro fabrics made from 100% Trevira filaments, Micro can also be combined with the finest Trevira and wool yarns. Whatever the blend and whatever the textile proportions, Trevira Micro possesses a haute-couture appeal, unimaginable in textiles of the past.   

Incredibly versatile

This textile has built-in breathability plus air and water permeability, yet is also wind and weatherproof. How is this possible? It’s due to Trevira Micro’s single-layer fabric surface structure, needing no extra finishes or coatings to achieve its outstanding qualities. This makes Trevira Micro simply perfect in every way for functional apparel – it’s soft, hard-wearing, wicks away water vapour and protects you from wind, rain and cold. 

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