TREVIRA CS: How it works

Comfort and safety, the two most important requirements in home textiles, were first successfully combined in 1980 with the creation of flame retardant Indorama Ventures fibres and yarns. Textiles made from these fibres and yarns carry the trademark Trevira CS and are permanently flame retardant. Unlike fabrics that receive a surface treatment at a later stage, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term safety and security.

Flame retardant at fibre level

This small but decisive difference is due to the chemical structure of the polyester fibre. The flame retardant properties are firmly anchored in the fibre in the form of a comonomer – an organophosphorous compound. As a result, they remain unaffected by external influences.

A lifetime of functionality

Fibres given an additional flame protection finish (right) can lose this protection as a result of wear, ageing or frequent washing. Flame retardant Indorama Ventures fibres (left) are inherently flame retardant. As a result, materials made from these fibres and filament yarns are likewise permanently flame retardant.

This is important from an ecological viewpoint, too. As well as being manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, materials made from Trevira CS require no additional, environmentally damaging fire protection treatment such as that required by normally combustible materials. Flame retardant Indorama Ventures fibres and filaments are also certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, emitting very low levels of toxic fumes in the event of a fire compared with other materials. This is particularly important, as in a fire the danger of suffocation from smoke fumes is greater than the risk of injury from flames.

Trevira CS textiles guarantee tested quality. They consist of flame retardant fibres and yarns made by Indorama Ventures and its partners in the spinning and yarn finishing stages. It goes without saying that Indorama Ventures maintains stringent monitoring of the guidelines safeguarding the brand.