Indorama Ventures Company Policy

Transparency, responsibility, ethical practices

Indorama Ventures management policies are shaped by a focus on quality, safety, health and environmental protection and the efficient deployment of energies and media. These, along with the continual improvement of related processes and procedures, are absolutely essential for our company’s long-term future success.

Our quality standards

Our products and services meet high quality, hygiene and safety standards and are created and delivered in a way that helps to protect the environment. As a result, we have become a trusted and preferred partner for our customers. Our customers’ requirements act as a central guiding principle in all our work, and represent an essential component of our quality management system. Trevira’s directors are committed to the maintenance and continual improvement of our quality management system.

Our commitment to environmental protection

We are committed to the ongoing improvement of our environmental protection practices, to prevent environmental pollution and to deploy natural resources responsibly and sustainably. We go above and beyond legal requirements by entering into binding voluntary commitments. Indorama Ventures is built on outstanding expertise in chemical and textile processes, so we are especially committed to the continual improvement of our environmental protection standards and practices in these areas. When developing our products, selecting our raw materials and improving our manufacturing processes, we act with foresight and care. In this way, Trevira contributes to reducing environmental pollution through emissions, waste water and general waste.

Efficient use of energies and media

Indorama Ventures is working towards the long-term reduction of its energy usage. We are constantly looking to increase our energies and media efficiency through a continual improvement process. Thanks to our energy management system, our deployment of primary energies and media in the manufacture of our products – as well as the relevant ancillary services and processes – is continually monitored. A well-established system constantly tests, evaluates and if necessary optimises the effects of our energy use. When considering future investments, we test them for energy efficiency and, where it is economically viable, we choose the most energy-efficient options.
We use an electronic communications system to ensure that all our organisational units are aware of our current energy and media usage.

Our highest priority - health and safety

The safety and security of our workers and facilities is as important to Indorama Ventures as its business goals. The safety and freedom from injury of our staff is our prime concern, taking priority above any production targets. We firmly believe that all injuries, work-related illness and safety/environment-related accidents are preventable.

Above and beyond compliance with legal requirements, we actively seek an open and objective dialogue with our staff and staff representatives, and with the relevant authorities, associations, the public and our neighbours, in all issues relating to health and safety and environmental protection. We are committed to eliminating danger and minimising risk. We enter into agreements with our contractual partners at the individual Trevira sites that oblige them to comply with our quality, environmental and safety standards.

To ensure that we meet our own high standards, we expect all our staff to demonstrate an active commitment to our health and safety policies and practices and to take responsibility for their implementation. 

We set out ambitious and specific targets that guarantee the implementation of our company policies in quality, health and safety and environmental protection and of our energy efficiency targets. We continually monitor and document our progress. Our integrated management system is regularly audited internally and externally to test its applicability and effectiveness. Together with our staff, we ensure that it is updated and improved as necessary.


Bobingen, February 2019
Indorama Ventures Fibers Germany GmbH
Klaus Holz