Trevira Perform

The high-performance brand

Trevira Perform forms the basis for long-lasting, low-pill, functional and prestigious fabrics. Outfits, suits and trousers look amazing because they can do so much. They never lose their shape, are easy-care, low-pill, hard-wearing and crease-resistant. Trevira Perform is at home everywhere. Whether blended with wool and viscose, linen and cotton, with silk or on its own, Trevira Perform’s feel, look and flow of goods can be precision-tailored to requirements.

Advantages at a glance

  • Very good pill properties
  • Pleasantly soft handle
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Outstandingly easy-care properties
  • Perfect blend partner for stretch fabrics

Fine for design

No-one can resist Trevira Perform for long, with top designers now regularly using it in their collections. The reason? Thanks to modifications at molecular level, the fabrics contain special high-tech fibres that simply don’t allow pilling to start.

Fantastic elastic

Elastane is found in all sorts of fabrics, but its extreme stretch properties can get out of control if it is not reined in by other textile fibres. Trevira Perform is the perfect partner for stretch fabrics.

Range of applications


Men’s outerwear

  • ideal for that sense of well-being
  • low-pill and good handle
  • dimensionally stable

Women’s outerwear

  • offers a sense of well-being and comfort
  • ideal care properties
  • hard-wearing and light

Corporate wear

  • maintains its attractiveness over time
  • comfortable to wear at work
  • easy-clean

Functional underwear

  • kind to the skin
  • breathable
  • easy-care

Trevira Perform – positively low-pill

The RTPT (Random Tumble Pilling Test) as set out in the DIN EN ISO 12945-3 standard shows how Trevira Perform behaves in comparison with normal fibres.

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