Trevira Xpand

The elastic brand

The basis for optimised stretch performance. With good elasticity and excellent recovery, Trevira Xpand moulds perfectly to the body.

Advantages at a glance

  • Enhances sense of well-being and comfort
  • Permanent stretch properties
  • Lends freedom of movement
  • Stable in dimension and shape
  • Breathable
  • Easy-care
  • Excellent recovery factor

Stretch as stretch can

Trevira Xpand creates the perfect stretch. Thanks to its elasticity and high powers of recovery, it moulds itself perfectly to the human body in movement or at rest. As indeed it should; after all, Xpand is our byword for permanent stretch, able to withstand high usage over time. Trevira Xpand is a customised high-tech product – in part because the base polymer molecule has undergone a targeted modification, but also because of its special yarn crimping. Along with its outstanding elastic properties, Trevira Xpand also offers excellent dimensional stability and easy-care properties.

Versatility is key

Thanks to its elasticity, Trevira Xpand is ideally suited to apparel. Providing maximum comfort, plenty of freedom of movement and a pleasant feel, it impresses equally in blends for classic apparel, or for activewear and bodywear. Recognising this versatility, many garment manufacturers are now choosing to make Trevira Xpand a permanent addition to their collections. And because it has so many outstanding properties, whether in washableness, dimensional stability, resistance to chlorine or moisture regulation, Trevira Xpand is also becoming increasingly popular in the corporate wear sector.

Range of applications

Women’s outerwear

  • low-crease
  • light and comfortable
  • perfect when enhanced with natural fibres
  • easy-care
  • quick-dry

Jeans and cotton trousers

  • compact, yet breathable
  • robust, yet light
  • high-tech, yet natural
  • hard-wearing, yet comfortable

Corporate wear

  • washable and dimensionally stable
  • lends freedom of movement
  • comfortable to wear at work


  • totally dynamic
  • high UV resistance
  • lends freedom of movement
  • regulates body temperature
  • kind to the skin
  • chlorine resistant

Persuasively flexible

It’s not always about total elasticity. The important thing is to find a stretch that does the job. Trevira Xpand has stretch capacities and textile properties suitable for every combination of yarns, making it the ideal partner for natural fibres in all areas of application.

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