Flame retardant fibres

The benchmark in international fire safety

Our permanently flame retardant modified fibres meet all important fire safety standards and represent the state of the art in international fire safety. What makes Trevira stand out from the crowd is that the flame retardant properties are "built in" to the fibre at molecular level. As a result, these properties are indestructible. The fibre remains flame retardant for its lifetime, and this remains unaffected by wear or damage.

Indorama Ventures was a pioneer in the realm of inherently flame retardant fibres. Since then, our Trevira CS brand has become the global benchmark for flame retardant fabrics and a synonym for fire safety. Our expertise in this area makes us the perfect partner for all textile applications. 

Flame retardant fibres - product range

Our experts for man-made fibres offer an extremely broad and comprehensive product range. Fibres can be manufactured in a way that is precisely tailored to your individual application. The following data give just an initial indication of the spectrum of fibres available:  

Fibre fineness: 1.3 dtex (microfibres) to 13 dtex 
Staple cut length: 6-120 mm
Fibre profile: Round

Flame retardant fibres - supply and packaging

Available in: Batches, combed tops, converter tops and tow for conversion by cutting.
Packaging: Bales, sacks, big bags

Brand quality for textiles from flame retardant fibres: Trevira CS

Our flame retardant special fibre for preventive fire safety in all textile applications

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