Lived values

Against the background of climate change, the public increasingly wants to see industry-based companies doing business in a sustainable way that doesn't harm the environment. When it comes to health and safety and the environment, chemical companies in particular are likely to be judged against whether they really practise what they preach and the credibility of their communications.

As an innovative European manufacturer of high-value polyester fibre specialties for home textiles, the automotive industry, functional apparel, hygiene products and technical applications, a commitment to thinking and acting sustainably is at the heart of Indorama Ventures organisational culture. This commitment is established in our mission statement, ‘Mission, Vision, Values’:

“We prioritise the principles of responsibility and sustainability towards the environment, society, our customers and our staff”.

We meet this obligation through a variety of policies and practices at different levels, so that our principles are embodied in the reality of our day to day working practices.

Indorama Ventures Company Policy

Indorama Ventures management policies are shaped by a focus on quality, safety, health and environmental protection and the efficient deployment of energies and media.

Quality Assurance and Certificates

We are committed to ensuring the highest possible standards of health and safety at work and to protecting the health of our staff, customers and neighbours.


Under Indorama Ventures company policy, actively protecting our environment and the responsible management of natural resources are everyday reality.

Organisational Culture

The well-being, safety and integrity of our 1,100 employees across the three sites is our prime concern, and takes priority in the Indorama Ventures Company Policy.

Social Commitment

Indorama Ventures recognizes its special responsibility towards society as an employer, a business partner, a supplier and a centre for apprenticeships and training.