Trevira Sinfineco

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Trevira Sinfineco is the brand for textiles that contain sustainable Indorama Ventures products.

Filament yarns from recycled PET bottles

Working together with Thailand-based parent company Indorama is opening up new opportunities for Indorama Ventures to supply recycled products. Indorama manufactures very high-quality recycled chips from PET bottles. Since only transparent PET bottles are used in Thailand, the flakes and chips are of a particularly good, very uniform quality. Indorama’s recycled chips, fibres and filaments carry the certificates GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and RCS-NL (Recycled Claim Standard). Indorama Ventures processes the regranulate made by Indorama from bottle flakes into filament yarns consisting of 100 % recycled material. The filament yarns are available in titres of 167 and 76 dtex normal polyester. Alongside technical applications, they are used in the automotive and apparel sectors. In addition, we are also planning or in some cases already delivering numerous exciting developments with the recyclates.

Sustainable man-made fibres from PLA

One important pillar of Indorama Ventures sustainability policy is the development of fibres and filaments from biopolymers.

The raw material for sustainable Indorama Ventures fibres and filaments is manufactured entirely from plant sugars. The sugar undergoes a fermentation process, transforming it into lactic acid, the basis for polylactic acid. The plant sugars needed for this process can be derived from sugar beet, sugar cane and maize.

Advantages of PLA at a glance:

  • Made of 100% renewable raw materials
  • Up to 70% less CO2 is emitted and up to 42% less energy is consumed during the raw material production process
  • Recyclable and 100% biodegradable (industrially compostable)
  • Good UV stability
  • Good fastness to light
  • Good wicking properties (important in functional apparel, for example) 
  • Higher elasticity than PET 
  • A lower dyeing temperature of just 110°C mean energy savings during the dyeing process 
  • ISEGA certification for selected PLA fibre types used in hot water filtration applications (tea and coffee filters) and for packaging materials that come into contact with foodstuffs 

PLA staple fibres – fields of application

Trevira PLA fibres are used for hygiene products and technical end uses such as technical nonwovens or food packaging.

Besides homopolymer fibre types, our product range also includes bicomponent fibres (core/sheath: PLA/PLA):

  • Fibres for mechanical bonding (high volume nonwovens, e.g. nonwoven mattresses)
  • Fibres for spunlace/hydroentanglement (wet wipes, hygiene)
  • Fibres for wetlaid, uncrimped wet and dry (technical papers, hygiene products, food packaging)
  • Bicomponent fibres for thermal bonding (wet wipes, hygiene products, nonwovens for agriculture)
  • Hollow fibres for fill products

Fields of application for PLA filament yarns:

PLA (polylactic acid) filament yarns are new in the Indorama Ventures range. They can be used in areas as diverse as apparel, home textiles or technical applications, and we are working towards their adaptation for use in the food industry. 
We can supply multifilament yarns in raw white or black (air or false twist textured and flat yarns) in several finenesses (167 f 64, 76 f 32), or as multiples of the selected titre. Further titres are available on request.

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