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Usually, polyester filaments are dyed in pressure tanks using a complicated, heat-intensive manufacturing process which applies high temperatures of between 115˚C and 130°C. EcoDye yarns, by contrast, can be dyed at temperatures of just 98°C and in a shorter time. This leads to significant operational costs savings and also a significantly improved environmental footprint, with the lower temperatures resulting in lower CO2 emissions.

Further product advantages at a glance:

EcoDye PET properties

  • Compared with standard PET, no negative properties result
  • Suitable for yarn and piece dyeing
  • Can be combined with other raw materials (e.g. wool and elastomer), and with normal PET for special colour effects
  • Can be dyed without any harmful effects even in combination with current elastomer yarn components
  • Dyeable at 98°, offering an alternative to polyamide filaments

Colour intensity and fastness

  • EcoDye yarns achieve a higher colour intensity compared to standard PET yarns
  • Good washing fastness at 60° according to DIN EN ISO 105-C06, achieving grade 4.5 out of a possible 5 (greyscale, colour fastness depends on the use of recognised, appropriate dyeing agents)
  • Good light fastness (8/8 on the Blue Wool Scale, whereby the light fastness depends on the use of recognised, appropriate dye stuffs)

Available yarn counts in filament yarns provided on request

EcoDye yarns - supply and packaging

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