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What makes our antimicrobial filament yarns, available in standard and flame retardant options, so special? The answer lies in their special functionality. A silver-based antimicrobial substance is anchored permanently in the fibre polymer, providing an additive that has a permanently antimicrobial effect and remains unaffected by washing or even intensive use. This effect takes place on the fibre surface. As it is firmly integrated in the polymer mass, the additive cannot migrate into the environment, and independent tests have shown that it does not damage the natural skin flora, making it kind to the skin. Silver ions built into the fibre damage bacteria that come into direct contact with the textile, preventing the bacteria multiplying.

Thanks to our decades of expertise in research and development, we are able to offer an extensive product portfolio with a wide choice of antimicrobial filament yarns. 

Available yarn strengths in filament yarns

Flat yarns: 76 dtex (only in flame retardant version)

Textured yarns: 76, 100 and 167 dtex; 167 dtex also available in flame retardant version.

Antimicrobial filament yarns - availability and packaging

Spools (palette packaging) or warped on section beam (TKB)

Brand quality for extra cleanliness and freshness: Trevira Bioactive and Trevira CS Bioactive

Our quality brand for permanently antimicrobial fabrics and applications

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