Organisational Culture

Respect and safety – at the heart of all our work

“People come first at Indorama Ventures”. This is one of our guiding principles as a company. For our staff, this means:

“Our workers represent a valuable asset which is essential for the growth and profitability of our company and its subsidiaries. We work hard to create a supportive, quality-oriented working environment where health and safety are our highest priority. Whatever type of contract they have with us, we treat our workers fairly and pay fair and appropriate wages.

We believe it is important that our staff have opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and potential. As a result, we work hard to ensure that the working environment at Trevira is diverse and interesting in order to attract and retain high-performing employees.” *

*Excerpt from “Handbook of Company Directives Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited”

Code of Conduct

All employees are bound by our Code of Conduct and its core principles:

  • We will comply with legal requirements and show respect for our organisational culture.
  • We will be fair, courteous and respectful towards all our colleagues.
  • Where appropriate, we will take interests of customers, business partners, authorities and the public, and the needs of the environment, into account.
  • We will not discriminate on the basis of sex and gender, race or religion under any circumstances.
  • We will demonstrate responsibility and transparency in regard to safety in the workplace.
  • We will behave with professionalism, fairness and reliability in all external business relationships.
  • We will demonstrate loyalty to Indorama Ventures.

Safety in the Workplace

The safety and freedom from injury of our staff is our prime concern, and takes priority above any production targets. We firmly believe that all injuries, work-related illness and safety-related accidents are preventable.

We constantly improve technical and organisational guidelines and rules above and beyond what is required in law, and ensure that measures are put in place so that they are met.

Employees take part in training which includes special projects and programmes to increase their awareness of safety at work.

In all health and safety related issues, Indorama Ventures is committed to an objective and open dialogue with all the relevant authorities and associations.

External suppliers and contractors at Indorama Ventures sites enter into an agreement to comply with all binding safety standards.

Company Suggestion Scheme (CSS)

As a whole, Indorama Ventures workforce represents an asset characterised by its highly developed knowledge and ideas. Through the company suggestion scheme, we can access this valuable potential and so contribute further towards a sustainable business practice.

Indorama Ventures calls on all employees to avail themselves of the company suggestion scheme (CSS) by proposing improvements and thus enhancing business efficiency.

Due to different infrastructures and to make the process of reviewing and implementing suggestions more efficient, each site has its own suggestion scheme.

The CSS is divided into three areas: Health & Safety at Work, Processes and Production and Environmental Protection.