The Trevira brands

The seal of quality for functional textiles

As a manufacturer of specialties Indorama Ventures develops and produces highly functional polyester fibres and yarns. They lend specific properties to the textiles made from them. Indorama Ventures monitors these textile functions and where the effective performance is demonstrated, issues the appropriate trademark. The procedure ensures that all textiles bearing a Indorama Ventures label meet the brand undertaking.

Trevira Bioactive

The antimicrobial brand

Trevira Bioactive fibres and filaments form the basis for fabrics with permanently bioactive properties.

Trevira Classixx

The classic brand

Trevira Classixx stands for high-value, hard-wearing and colourfast fabrics which combine functionality with easy care properties.

Trevira CS

The flame retardant brand

The original - flame retardant and pure.

Trevira CS eco

The flame retardant brand meets sustainability

With the aid of various recycling processes, the flame retardant Trevira CS fabric becomes a sustainable product.

Trevira CS flex

The flame retardant brand with additional functions

Flame-retardant Trevira CS textiles with further additional functions and design effects.

Trevira CS Bioactive

The fresh flame retardant brand

Trevira CS Bioactive fibres and filaments form the basis for permanently flame retardant fabrics with an antimicrobial function.

Trevira Micro

The fine brand

The basis for light, elegant fabrics. Finer than any natural fibre, Trevira Micro fabrics are extremely comfortable to wear.

Trevira Perform

The high-performance brand

Trevira Perform fibres and filaments form the basis for our prestigious low-pill fabrics with permanent functionality.

Trevira Perform Moisture Control

The high performance brand for a pleasant climate

The basis for low-pill, breathable fabrics. Whether as part of a blend or on its own.

Trevira Sinfineco

The sustainable brand

Textiles containing sustainable Trevira products are authorised to bear the SINFINECO label.

Trevira Xpand

The elastic brand

The basis for optimised stretch performance with good elasticity and excellent recovery.