Special fibres for nonwovens

The foundation for strong nonwovens

For hygiene articles and technical applications, we produce special fibres for all sorts of different technologies. The fibre design can be optimally adapted to meet the requirements of your chosen processing method.

Among other products, we offer special short staple fibres for the paper industry and nonwoven wallpapers, including both oleophobic and hydrophobic fibres. Our experts are happy to advise you on the most suitable special fibre for your specific application.      

Special fibres for nonwovens - product range

We offer an extremely broad and comprehensive range of fibres. Fibres can be manufactured in a way that is precisely customised to your individual application. The following data give just an initial indication of the spectrum of fibres available:  

Fibre fineness: 0.6 dtex (microfibres) to 17 dtex 
Staple cut length: 3-120 mm
Fibre profiles: Round, trilobal, oval, hollow fibre

Special fibres for nonwovens - supply and packaging

Available in: Batches
Packaging: Bales, sacks, big bags

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