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Our low-melt yarns are a made-to-measure, high-tech product that can be customised to individual requirements. The properties of these low-melt component (NSK) filaments mean that they melt at a lower temperature than normal polyester. During the finishing process, these components (also known as melt fibres) melt naturally in reaction to heat and stiffen when cooled down. This means that no additional chemicals need to be added to the textile fabric.

Our low-melt yarns are available either as stand-alone or as hybrids, combined

with other polyester yarns. By triggering a specific melt reaction in the low-melt yarn components, we are able to product stiffened and fix-formed textiles in a range of combinations. These can be customised in a wide variety of combinations to meet your applications’ specific requirements, and of course, we also supply low-melt yarns with an additional flame retardant effect.

Please note that because of the large number of customised options available in low-melt yarns, it is not possible to give a general yarn count overview. Our filament experts will be happy to provide further information and assistance.

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