Trevira CS

The flame retardant brand

The original - flame retardant and pure.

Safe and pure

The Trevira CS brand stands for textiles made of 100% flame retardant fibres and yarns by Trevira and their partners in the spinning and yarn finishing stages. Only Trevira fibre and filament yarns with a low- melt component are permissible to be used as an add- on together with the flame retardant products from Trevira and partners. As Trevira CS textiles are made up of only one or at the most, two yarn components, they are particularly suitable for applications where materials must meet specific requirements besides that of flame retardancy.

The fabric brand for flame retardant textiles:

  • consisting of 100 % flame retardant Indorama Ventures fibres and yarns
  • with additional low-melt components from Indorama Ventures where applicable

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