Trevira CS

The brand for flame-retardant textiles

Flame retardant textiles

Trevira was a pioneer in the field of flame retardancy.

Brand concept

To meet the ever more complex demands of the market and offer our customers and partners greater flexibility, the Trevira CS concept has been expanded to include two new brands, Trevira CS flex and Trevira CS eco.

Trevira CS - How it works

Other fabrics are often given a flame retardant finish at the final stage of manufacture. Unlike these materials, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term, built-in safety.


Applications for fire-retardant Trevira CS textiles are all areas where particularly high safety requirements apply.

Fire safety

Trevira CS textiles meet the most important fire protection standards worldwide. Find out in detail about our certificates and test certificates and the possibilities for downloading.


Trevira CS textiles are easy to clean, dry quickly and retain their shape after washing. As far as the functions of Trevira fabrics are concerned, there are advantages in terms of care.


Trevira CS textiles are a valuable raw material. Thanks to Trevira’s return and recycle strategy, they can be given a new and meaningful lease of life.