Trevira CS flex

The flame retardant brand with additional functions

Flame-retardant Trevira CS textiles with further additional functions and design effects.

Safe and varied

In order to equip flame retardant Trevira CS textiles with further additional functions and/or design effects, certain blending options are possible for the Trevira CS flex brand. It goes without saying that safety is our highest priority and can never be compromised. This means that the Trevira CS brand will only ever be awarded to textiles that pass the Trevira burn test. This is why, the textile fabric must comprise at least 75 % flame retardant fibres and yarns by Trevira and/or our partners in yarn processing. The remaining 25 % can be made up of other flame retardant specialties by Trevira or approved partners, including up to 5 % non-Trevira materials such as fancy yarns. However, non-Trevira flame retardant fibres and yarns may only be used if they cannot be obtained from Trevira.

The fabric brand for flame retardant textiles:

  • consisting of at least 75 % flame retardant Trevira fibres and yarns where applicable to be
  • combined with up to 25 % flame retardant specialties by Trevira and/or approved partners
  • may include up to 5 % non- Trevira materials (applied solely or as part of the 25 %)
  • combinations with non-Trevira flame retardant yarns are only possible if the yarns cannot be obtained from Trevira

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