TREVIRA CS: Recycling

Trevira CS textiles are a valuable raw material. Thanks to Trevira’s return and recycle strategy, they can be given a new and meaningful lease of life even when their initial phase of use has come to an end.

For example, Trevira CS textiles can be recycled to provide materials for insulation or soundproofing. These in turn can be used in acoustic panels for offices or conference venues, in the hotel and hospitality sectors and in public buildings.

Our return and recyle strategy

  • When Trevira fabrics made of 100 % flame retardant Trevira fibres and yarns have come to the end of their serviceable life, they can be returned to us.
  • It’s important to be aware that several pre-conditions apply. First, the fabrics must consist of 100 % Trevira CS. Second, they must have passed the Trevira CS trademark test. This is because textiles can only be considered for our recycling system if they can be identified from a trademark approval number registered with Trevira. And finally, the fabrics must be clean, dry, and free of damaging substances and/or composite materials.
  • Fabric suppliers can inform customers, such as interior decorators and designers, about our return and recycle strategy.
  • For example, if you own a hotel or want to refurbish your house, you or your chosen contractor can send your old Trevira CS fabrics back to us. A copy of the trademark approval(s) for the old fabrics can be obtained from the company that originally supplied the fabrics to you. 
  • The fabrics are stored in our warehouses until we have collected the minimum quantity required to send them to a recycler. Once they have been received at the relevant facility, they are mechanically processed and recycled for use in their intended application.


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