Taking responsibility for our actions

Under Trevira’s company policy, actively protecting our environment and the responsible management of natural resources are everyday reality. We are developing sustainable visions for the future with intelligent recycling concepts and innovative new products.

Environmental Protection

Due to keeping air, water and soil as clean as possible and avoiding toxic substances, Trevira activley contributes to environmental protection.

Managing resources responsibly

For Trevira, a clear commitment to sustainable energy policies, along with responsible management of natural resources, is a central element of company policy.

Recycling at Trevira

The recycling of precious raw materials and waste products today plays an important role in a sustainable economy.

New Products from Fibres

Thanks to its pioneering spirit and its first-class research, Trevira has always been in the vanguard of new developments. Trevira developers have made history with trailblazing ideas and groundbreaking processes.