Low-pill fibres

Pills don't stand a chance

Textiles experience a range of wear and tear in everyday life. When fabrics are folded, twisted, crumpled or rubbed, the ends of their fibres are brought to the surface. These fibre ends can become entangled, leading to what is known as pilling.

Our fibre specialists prevent this happening by employing a special trick, anchoring compounds into the fibre polymer. These compounds are susceptible to hydrolisation, and dissolve during the dyeing process, reducing the transverse strength of the fibres. This process makes it less likely that pills will even get a chance to form.

These extremely low-pill fibres can be easily processed for woven yarns and knitted yarns using all the common spinning processes. They can be used either alone or in a blend with natural or other man-made fibres.

Low-pill fibre quality, successfully tested

The pilling properties of different fibres are tested using the bending revolution rate test. The faster the fibre snaps, the lower the likelihood of pilling.
In this test, Trevira fibres achieve a significantly higher anti-pill property than other comparable products on the market. 
One reason for this is that our low-pill fibres are developed so that their low-pill property only becomes fully active in the finished article.

Your advantages at a glance - better, faster and lower-cost processing

The excellent anti-pill properties of our low-pill fibres make it possible to twist the yarns, whether normal or plied, to a greater degree of softness, creating textiles with a softer handle. It also means that we do not need to add extra anti-pill finishes to the textiles, thus simplifying and speeding up production.

Low-pill fibres product range

As an expert for chemical-based fibres, we offer an extremely broad and comprehensive product range. Fibres can almost always be manufactured in a way that is precisely tailored to your individual application. The following data give just an initial indication of the spectrum of fibres available:  
Fibre fineness: From 1.5 dtex (microfibres) to 3.6 dtex 
Staple cut length: 38-105 mm, variable cut length
Fibre profiles: Round, trilobal, oval, dumb-bell

Low-pill fibres - availability and packaging

Available in: Batches, combed tops, converter tops and tow for conversion by cutting.
Packaging: Tow bales, fibre bales, converter tops bales

Brand quality for textiles from low-pill fibres: Fibre type T 350

Our special fibre for low-pill quality in all textile applications

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