Trevira CS eco

The flame retardant brand meets sustainability

With the aid of various recycling processes, the flame retardant Trevira CS fabric becomes a sustainable product.

Safe and sustainable

The Trevira CS eco brand unites the two properties of flame retardancy and sustainability. Under this new brand, Indorama Ventures offers products which have been manufactured through different recycling processes. The flame retardant filament yarns are based on recycled PET bottles and consist of 50 % recycled content (Post- Consumer).

To produce recycled fibres, Indorama Ventures also uses an agglomeration plant, where residual waste from manufacturing sites is transformed into serviceable raw materials which rival the original products in both quality and performance. Fibre yarns produced from this material have a recycled content of 100 % (Pre-Consumer).

The fabric brand for flame retardant textiles:

  • consisting of at least 50 % recycled materials where applicable a combination of flame retardant
  • recycled fibre yarns and flame retardant virgin yarns is possible
  • GRS certification

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