TREVIRA CS: Fibre-deep flame retardancy

The brand of choice for flame retardant textiles

Indorama Ventures was a pioneer in the field of flame retardancy. The first Trevira CS textiles made from its range of flame retardant fibres and yarns entered the market as long ago as 1980. What makes Trevira CS textiles stand out from the crowd is that they meet all important fire safety standards but achieve this without any chemical finish. Trevira’s permanently flame retardant polyester fibres form the basis for a new generation of functional textiles. Their flame retardant properties cannot be washed out and are not lost with age or usage. In 1982 Indorama Ventures was awarded the German business innovation award (Innovationspreis der deutschen Wirtschaft) for Trevira CS. The Trevira CS brand has become a synonym for flame retardant fabrics. And with good reason.

Trevira CS - How it works

Flame retardant at fibre level

Other fabrics are often given a flame retardant finish at the final stage of manufacture, but this finish can lose its initial protective qualities through usage, age or frequent washing. Unlike these materials, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term, built-in safety. Because fire has no expiry date.

How Trevira CS works 


Comparative fire testing

Studies show that flame retardant textiles can significantly slow down or even prevent fires.

Fire prevention is regulated by national and international standards, and research into the causes of fire shows that unsuitable textiles can contribute considerably towards a fire spreading. Flame retardant Trevira CS textiles meet the important international standards for fire safety because they are made of fibres and yarns with "built-in safety".

A comparative fire test shows the speed at which a blaze can spread in a room furnished with conventional textiles. But it also shows that it is possible to avoid the risk of fire with flame retardant Trevira CS textiles.


Infinitely versatile

Trevira CS collections are becoming ever more ambitious in their design – and this at a time when the market is increasing its demands and new end uses are constantly being developed. In appearance it is frequently impossible to distinguish Trevira CS textiles from textiles made from natural fibres. At the same time there is increasing demand for new kinds of surfaces with a technical look, which can only be achieved with the use of chemical-based fibres. This is possible thanks to the continual expansion of Trevira’s fibre and yarn range, which increasingly includes new fancy and textured yarns from spinners and yarn finishers. The latter’s creativity means that designers can draw on what is probably the most varied and innovative range of flame retardant yarns in existence to fashion their Trevira CS fabrics.

Flame retardant Indorama Ventures fibres and yarns are not only the essential basis for the textiles’ functionality, they also ensure that manufacturers and designers can be at the forefront of international trends.


Surprisingly sustainable

When it comes to sustainability, textiles made from polyester need not fear comparison with materials from natural fibres. In fact, they consume fewer resources than natural fibres both during manufacture and in use, for example requiring less water and agricultural land. Polyester textiles also offer many other advantages during the usage stage. The ecological washing process (short wash cycles and drying times, less consumption of water and detergent) is a real asset for the environment.Polyester is also non-toxic, does not outgas and can be easily recycled or safely incinerated to create energy.

Unlike fabrics which require a chemical coating to achieve certain functions, Indorama Ventures textiles are environmentally friendly. When washed, Trevira CS fabrics do not release any finish which could harm the environment, and the functions active in the textiles – such as flame retardancy – remain firmly anchored in its fibres and yarns. And it is here, rather than in the environment, that they stay for the total life cycle of the materials. Which is a lengthy one, since Trevira CS fabrics have a long working life. Flame retardant Indorama Ventures fibre and filament yarns are certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 and have been awarded its highest rating, meaning that they are suitable for baby and toddler articles.


Indorama Ventures is actively committed to the Responsible Care initiative of the Chemical Industry Association of Germany (VCI). The goal of the VCI is continual performance improvement in relation to caring for the environment, plant safety and protecting the health of
consumers and employees – above and beyond what the law requires.