Antimicrobial fibres

Never compromising on hygiene

Indorama Ventures antimicrobial fibres, whether in the standard or flame retardant option, offer a decisive advantage when it comes to functionality. In contrast to products with a post-production finish (sometimes including substances that migrate into the environment), Indorama Ventures silver-based antimicrobial active substance is firmly anchored in the fibre polymer.

This means that its properties remain effective for the lifetime of the fibre. This is extremely important in health and hygiene contexts where an antimicrobial function might mean the difference between life and death, yet textiles are subject to daily intensive wear and tear. The active substances cannot be washed out and inhibit bacterial growth on the fibre along with the development of microbial-related odours. At the same time, the natural skin flora remain completely unaffected.  

Antimicrobial fibres product range

Our fibres are available in an extremely broad and comprehensive product range. Fibres can be manufactured in a way that is precisely tailored to your individual application. The following data give just an initial indication of the spectrum of fibres available:  

Fibre fineness: 1.7 dtex (microfibres) to 6.7 dtex 
Staple cut length: 38-80 mm
Fibre profile: Round

Antimicrobial fibres - supply and packaging

Available in: Batches
Packaging: Bales

Brand quality for more cleanliness and freshness: Trevira Bioactive and Trevira CS Bioactive

Our quality brands for permanently antimicrobial fabrics and applications.

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