Trevira CS – Flame retardant textiles for hospitals and the care sector


As the population ages, the use of attractive design in hospitals and care home interiors is becoming increasingly important. Textiles represent one of the most flexible elements in interior design. They are light; they are easily sourced, refurbished or changed; and they offer a wide range of individual design possibilities.

Safety is the number one priority for decision-makers when selecting products, as nowadays it is taken as read that textiles in public spaces and in the contract market must satisfy preventive fire protection requirements. Flame retardant polyester textiles like Trevira CS already play a key role in interior furnishing concepts, not only in the home but also in hospitals and other care-providing institutions.

Alongside flame retardancy, an ever-growing importance is attached to hygiene. Textiles like Trevira CS Bioactive are not only flame retardant but also have antimicrobial properties. In this way they help to prevent bacteria spreading in and on the fibre, keeping textiles fresher for longer.

Range of applications

  • Drapes
  • Decorative fabrics
  • Upholstery materials
  • Seat cushions for wheelchairs
  • Vertical blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Sliding panels
  • Wall coverings
  • Room dividers/partitions
  • Bedding

Safety standards and hygiene

  • Trevira CS textiles meet the important international fire protection standards in the hospital and care sector.
  • Trevira CS Bioactive textiles are permanently flame retardant and antimicrobial. They inhibit the growth of bacteria in and on the fibre, help improve cleanliness and freshness, and inhibit the microbial development of odour in and on the fibre.

Material properties

  • Permanently flame retardant and, in the case of Trevira CS Bioactive, antimicrobial without additional finishes
  • Good processing properties
  • High light fastness and colour brilliance
  • High abrasion resistance, very hard-wearing
  • Easy-care, low-crease and dimensionally stable
  • Dry cleaning possible
  • Easy stain removal from upholstery fabrics
  • A wide range of flame retardant fibres and yarns offers unlimited potential for innovative fabric design concepts


  • Short wash cycles at low temperatures save water, detergent and energy
  • Indorama Ventures fibres and yarns are certified to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100, meeting the requirements of product class 1 – the highest classification, suitable for baby and toddler articles
  • No environmentally harmful fire-resistant coating/finishing required
  • No loss of flame retardant properties through washing, usage or age
  • Recyclable

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