Welcome to Heimtextil 2019

See You Next Year!

Four days at Heimtextil 2019 are over now, and we would like to thank all exhibitors and visitors for this intensive and exciting time. We are already looking forward to Heimtextil 2020 next year!


The company VLNAP is part of the Trevira CS joint stand for the second time.


Velvetex, the long-standing velvet manufacturer, shows a selection of Trevira CS velvet fabrics at its stand in Hall 4.2, E14.

Torcitura Lei Tsu with Ilcat

The Twister and fancy yarn producer Torcitura Lei Tsu with Ilcat, specialised in Trevira CS, introduces itself.

Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche

Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche presents its new Trevia CS collection at the Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt.

SR Webatex with Getzner Textil

The weaving mill SR Webatex with Getzner Textil is part of the Trevira CS joint stand.


Panaz has not exhibited at Heimtextil for some time, but Trevira's initiative has inspired them to return.


The Italian company Mottura introduces itself.

JAB Josef Anstoetz

The company JAB Josef Anstoetz presents its highlight at this year's Trevira CS booth.


"We stage your fabrics" is the slogan of the Interstil company.


The company Gerriets at Heimtextil 2019 at the Trevira CS stand.

students@trevira Marie Schumann

Today is the last opportunity to see Marie Schumann's project in our students@trevira section at the Trevira CS booth. For her woven tapestries with free-hanging yarns, the young textile designer used spun-dyed, flame retardant hybrid yarns from Trevira.

Mattes & Ammann

The manufacturer of technical textiles, Mattes & Ammann, at the Trevira CS stand.


Lonfil presents its Trevira CS collection at the joint stand at Heimtextil 2019.

Gebrüder Colsman

Gebrüder Colsman has been working together with Trevira for many years and is delighted to be taking part in the Trevira CS joint stand for the first time.


Wintex is very satisfied with the result of this year's Trevira CS joint stand.

Engelbert E. Stieger

The Swiss company Engelbert E. Stieger produces high-quality Trevira CS curtains for many years.

Pozzi Arturo

Pozzi Arturo are delighted to take part in the Trevira CS joint stand for the first time this year.

FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano

Today we continue with the videos of our customers from our joint stand at Heimtextil 2019. We start with FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano.

Final Day

The last day at Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt begins. Today, we will be there for you at our Trevira CS booth in Hall 4.2, E14 between 9 am and 5 pm.

See you tomorrow!

We wish you a pleasant evening and look forward to being there for you again tomorrow in Hall 4.2, E14.

Architectural Guided Tour

Interior designer Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk of the Hamburg-based design studio JOI Design and Svenja Fromm from Trevira GmbH are guiding interested visitors through the Trevira CS trend area.


The company Swisstulle from Switzerland presents its highlight at the Trevia CS booth.

Georg und Otto Friedrich

Georg und Otto Friedrich: "We are manufacturers of functional textiles and like to use Trevira CS for that."

Jenny Fabrics

The traditional family business Jenny Fabrics from Switzerland exhibits at Heimtextil in Frankfurt for the second time.

Spandauer Velours

The company Spandauer Velours is presenting its highlight product, which was particularly developed for the Heimtextil trade fair.


The highlight of the company Hoftex: A UV resistant yarn for outdoor use.

Gebrüder Wylach

The company Gebrüder Wylach at the Trevira CS stand at Heimtextil 2019.


We continue with the company Mewes from Dülmen (Germany), that is at the fair Heimtextil in Frankfurt for the first time.

Tessitura Mario Ghioldi

The Italian company Tessitura Mario Ghioldi is presenting its new products at the Trevira CS stand at Heimtextil 2019.


We would like to introduce you to our customers who are exhibiting with us at the joint Heimtextil 2019 stand. We are starting with the family business Pugi.

students@trevira Theresa Scholl

Have you already had a look around the students@trevira area? Among other things, you will find the work of Theresa Scholl there, who wrote her master thesis on flame-retardant polyester yarns from Trevira CS. Her design "Leuchtfeuer", a curtain providing privacy and sun protection, consists of various knitted fabrics, which are characterised by their three-dimensional surface and an overlapping drape that contribute in particular to sound insulation.

advanced + sensitive

The central themes of the advanced + sensitive section of our Trevira CS Trend Show are calmness, well-being and relaxation. The balanced mixture of intensive fluorescent and neutral tones is definitely an eye-catcher at our booth in Hall 4.2, E14.

Good Morning

The third day of Heimtextil is about to begin! We invite you to visit us at our stand in Hall 4.2, E14.

The second day is over

A successful second day at Heimtextil is coming to an end! You can find us until 6 pm at our Trevira CS booth in Hall 4.2, E14.

CEO Klaus Holz talks about Heimtextil 2019

"I'm very proud of the continuing support and loyality of our Trevira CS Community", says Trevira GmbH CEO Klaus Holz at Heimtextil 2019.

sophisticated + singular

Sophisticated, high quality, decorative, dramatic and unique: This is how the style of the sophistcated + singular theme can be described in our Trevira CS trend area. Shapes and materials reveal how much value is placed here on comfort and elegance. Come by and get your own impression of the colours and fabrics (Hall 4.2, E14).

Trevira CS Trend Show

Have you already visited our Trevira CS trend show? Be inspired by the ideas and contributions in the areas of product development, hotel and catering and work and healthcare environments.


We also offer young people of the industry the opportunity to present their textiles at Heimtextil in our exhibition area in Hall 4.2 E14. This year Theresa Scholl and Marie Schuhmann will be exhibiting their work.

Impressions of the Trevira CS Club Event

We have prepared some impressions from yesterday's Trevira CS Club event in a video for you. Have a look!

Thank you!

The plans for our trade fair appearance were in full swing in the last few weeks before Heimtextil. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Brandi in particular for her efforts in preparing our stand.

Day 2 starts

Good morning from Heimtextil in Frankfurt. We look forward to an exciting second day at the fair and would be pleased to welcome you personally at our stand in Hall 4.2, E14.

See you tomorrow

The aftershow party continues and we look forward to ending the first day at Heimtextil in Frankfurt together with our customers, partners and all interested visitors. We will be there for you again tomorrow and report live from our stand in Hall 4.2, Stand E14!

The new Trevira CS Silver Club Members

Congratulations to the Trevira CS Silver Club membership!

The new Trevira CS Gold Club Members

We congratulate the new members on their Trevira CS Gold Club membership.

Have Fun at the Aftershowparty

Our aftershow party has just started! You are welcome to visit us at our booth in hall 4.2, E14!

The Award Ceremony has started

The awards ceremony has begun. Trevira GmbH CEO Klaus Holz opens the event with a speech and presents the awards to the new Trevira CS Gold and Silver Club members.

30 Minutes until the Trevira CS Club Event

The award ceremony for the new Trevira CS Gold and Silver Club members begins in half an hour.

The Press Kit for Heimtextil 2019

The press kit for our press conference is now also available online on our website under "Press Releases".

"Trends in Contract by Trevira CS"-Tour

Claudia Herke from stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano gives a tour through the trend area of the Trevira booth. It presents four style worlds with reference to the contract market.

The press conference has started

"Trevira GmbH can look back on a good year in 2018", announces Anke Völlenbröker, Trevira Marketing Director, at the press conference. This year, sales amounted to approx. €235 mill. Pleasing progress was recorded especially with business in specialties such as flame retardant fibres and yarns (Trevira CS) and bicomponent fibres.

Trevira CS & Partner Video

We are relying once again on the joint booth concept that was so successful in 2018. Together with our partners, we have made a corresponding film that shows the path of fabrics from polyester production to the selection of the interior designer. We would like to thank all involved and are pleased to present the video to you. Have a look!

The Press Conference starts at 12.30 pm.

Our press conference starts in an hour. In our Trevira CS Lounge we will introduce you to news from the Trevira CS sector and invite you to take a tour of our "Trends in Contract by Trevira CS" exhibition area. You will find us in Hall 4.2, Stand E14.

Welcome to Heimtextil 2019

"Hello" from the Trevira CS team at Heimtextil 2019 in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to meeting you at our joint booth in Hall 4.2.