Trevira CS – starting afresh


After a challenging 2020 for Trevira CS®, a year in which the coronavirus crisis put pressure on the contract market, in particular on the hotel and event sector, and also on the cruise shipping industry, the market is starting to show some signs of improvement. Numerous new developments, in particular by Trevira CS Club members, are showing the way forward in the “post-Covid” era and are seizing upon the trends that have emerged since the crisis began.



Trevira CS Club members 2021

In 2021, Trevira continues with the successful Trevira CS Club concept. The 2020 Gold and Silver members saw their status carried over to 2021. Accordingly, the Trevira CS Club 2021 consists of the following members:

Trevira CS Gold members

Yarn Producers: Fil Man Made Group S.r.l., Ilcat by Lei Tsu s.r.l., Selvafil S.A., Spinnerei Lampertsmühle GmbH, Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche S.p.A., Torcitura Padana S.p.A.

Fabric Manufacturers: Dina Vanelli Tekstil San. Ve Tic. A.S., Engelbert E. Stieger AG, FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A., Gabriel A/S, Gaudium B.V., Gebrüder Munzert GmbH & Co. KG, Lodetex S.p.A., P.I.F. S.A., PUGI R.G. S.R.L., Schmitz Textiles GmbH + Co. KG, SVENSSON, Tessitura Mario Ghioldi & C. s.r.l, Verotex AG, Vescom Textiles GmbH

Textile Editors / Wholesalers: Artimo Textiles B.V., Création Baumann AG, Coulisse B.V., Gerriets GmbH, JAB Josef Anstoetz KG, Kvadrat A/S, Panaz Ltd, Rubelli S.p.A.

Trevira CS Silver members

Yarn Producers: Hoftex GmbH, Tintoria Sala s.r.l., Vlnap a.s.

Fabric Manufacturers: Alois Tessitura Serica s.r.l., Ambience Home Textiles, Benaud Créations S.A., Chamatex SAS, Delius GmbH, DHJ Weisters Ltd, E. Boselli & C. S.p.A., G-TEX S.r.l., Gebrüder Colsman GmbH & Co. KG, Gustavo de Negri & ZA. MA. s.r.l., Hohmann GmbH & Co. KG, Mario Sirtori S.p.A., Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG, Morton Young and Borland Ltd, Pongs Technical Textiles GmbH, Regina Baumann GmbH, Rothböck Textiles GmbH, Spandauer Velours GmbH & Co. KG, Stotz & Co. AG, Swisstulle AG, TF Création S.A.S., van Clewe Sun Protection GmbH, Velener Textil GmbH, Wintex S.r.l., Yanar Tekstil

Textile Editors / Wholesaler: 4Spaces Textiles, Créations Métaphores, Kinnasand GmbH, Lelièvre S.A.S., Mottura S.p.A., Sahco GmbH, Skopos Fabrics Ltd., SoFarSoNear S.n.c., Tapicerías Gancedo S.A., Zimmer + Rohde GmbH

© Trevira GmbH: Trevira CS Club Award 2021

New Trevira CS collections: innovative, functional, sustainable … and flame retardant

Although the coronavirus pandemic had a negative effect on individual business sectors, it also has the potential to open up new market opportunities for flame retardant Trevira CS fabrics in the long run. The increase in people working from home and the longer and more frequent stay within one’s own home have led to a change in perspective in terms of the relevance of interior design. The design of the living space has undergone a revaluation so that end users now possibly attach more importance to a nicer decor. Sustainability, durability, high quality, and the desire for safe products that contain little to no harmful substances are often the defining criteria for selecting a new textile interior. The colour range of the new Trevira CS developments is directed specifically towards this trend and often comes across as discreet and close to nature. After Trevira CS products have found their way more and more into private homes, the new Trevira CS collections include numerous attractive textiles not only for the contract sector but also for the residential sector.


Inspired by architecture, the ceiling-high decorative fabric fascinates with a playfully geometrical design, wonderfully minimalist while full of creative energy. ICE CRYSTAL is the clear favourite for exclusive oases of well-being.

© JAB Josef Anstoetz KG: 9-7924 ICE CRYSTAL, 300 cm high, 100% polyester Trevira CS, available in 8 colours

The ceiling-high jacquard decorative fabric with its distinctive diamond design and the fine herringbone motif in the background fits perfectly into any tasteful interior and offers plenty of freedom for exciting combinations of colours and patterns.

© JAB Josef Anstoetz KG: 9-7925 MORNING SUN, 295 cm high, 100% polyester Trevira CS, available in 8 colours

Delius: AMIKE – Nordic-style decoration fabric

Nordic design impresses with its beautiful, reduced, and functional style. Amike is a high-quality decoration fabric that integrates perfectly into this design world. It owes its elegant, understated look to the soft two-tone effect achieved by using different coloured yarns of Trevira CS in the warp and weft. Amike comes with high light fastness properties, good washability, and is available in a fabric width of 300 cm, which simplifies processing and enhances the view at the window. A balanced colour range consisting of 37 colours combines powdery-soft Scandinavian tones with darker colourways. Refreshingly strong but not intrusive colours radiate optimism and harmony and give the selection a positive feeling.

© Delius GmbH: AMIKE

Engelbert E. Stieger AG: New Trevira CS articles for windows

LLYN is a semi-transparent, open curtain fabric with 200 g/m2. It draws its geometrical structure from the balanced combination of yarn and leno technology. LLYN is available as a piece-dyed fabric with a width of 290 cm.

© Engelbert E. Stieger AG: 61579 LLYN, 100% PES Trevira CS

ARELA is a soft floating, semi-transparent curtain with a pleasant feel and a beautiful drape. The carefully balanced colourways are created by combining nuanced colours used in the weft. ARELA weighs 95 g/m2 and is 300 cm high.

© Engelbert E. Stieger AG: 61583 ARELA, 100% PES Trevira CS

LUDICO is a light curtain fabric – white on white, created using the fil-coupé technique, in 300 cm and 54 g/m2. Playfully distributed on a transparent background, the delicate fil coupé dots create a regular pattern.

© Engelbert E. Stieger AG: 334397 LUDICO, 100% PES Trevira CS

Swisstulle: Trevira CS fabrics for “affinity with nature” and “urban lifestyle” trends

Free from ornamentation and patterns, the nature-themed fabrics imitate the language of nature by adopting its traces, organic structures, and irregularities. The affinity with nature is reflected in their feel and organic structures.

Article 2.02733 takes nature’s irregularities and structures and impresses with its semi-transparency. As a piece dyer or ombré digital print, it provides a subtle play of light and shadows.

© Swisstulle: Article 2.02733

Technical textiles and a simple, striking design are at the heart of the functionally-oriented “urban lifestyle” trend. Pragmatism, cool optics, and maximum functionality come together. Minimalist and monochrome for urban technology nerds.

Article 2.27559, with its classical honeycomb design, is available in bright tones and pastel colours. It provides appealing aesthetics both for the contract sector and for modern living spaces at home.

© Swisstulle: Article 2.27559

Article 2.02686, with its graphic pattern, is aimed at design-conscious consumers. It has a clear structure with a soft drape.

© Swisstulle: Article 2.02686

In the contract sector, notably in the hotel industry, the trends towards sustainability and quality are likely to continue to grow. Moreover, there is an increase in awareness as far as hygiene requirements are concerned. Textiles that are easy to clean without losing their appearance or their functionality can excel here. Accordingly, products ordinarily used in the healthcare sector might start to be of interest to the hotel and catering industry, public spaces, the transport industry, and to offices. This will apply in particular to areas where there is a regular flow of visitors and where people come into direct contact with fabrics. Antimicrobial textiles provide additional protection in these situations. Besides their flame retardancy, many new Trevira CS products integrate additional functions such as noise or sun protection.

TF Création: Veltosuède – the sound barrier

TF Création presents products specifically designed for acoustics. Their excellent transparency guarantees your panels the best efficiency combined with very easy installation thanks to their knitted structure. The entire Velto range meets the M1 and EN 1021-1&2 fire safety requirements. You thereby guarantee an inherent fire retardant covering whose properties remain stable over time. In addition to the 14 shimmering Veltosuède colours, TF Création can also provide customised plain or printed products. Measurements of the plane wave sound absorption coefficient are within the frequency band 100 Hz to 5,000 Hz as per ISO Standard 10534-2:2003.

© TF Création: Veltosuède

Gebrüder Munzert: Feel the silence

Improving room acoustics is of fundamental importance, especially in office spaces: because, in the long term, noise influences not only motivation and productivity but also the employees’ health. The acoustic tested collection by Gebrüder Munzert offers intelligent fabrics for many different applications and these fabrics enhance room acoustics noticeably.

The inherently flame retardant fabrics meet the highest technical requirements for the contract sector. Safety and comfort both for residential and public areas. All curtains, draperies, and upholstery fabrics in this collection impress with their high light fastness, easy maintenance, and elegant colours. A wide variety of fabrics and fabric widths allow for individual interior design, whether it is through transparent, opaque, or dim-out fabrics.

Acoustic tested fabrics by Gebrüder Munzert combine effective sound absorption with unique fabric creations. Thanks to their sound-absorbing effect, these fabrics eliminate the majority of disturbing noises in a room. As a result, they generate a harmonious room concept in a relaxed feel-good atmosphere.

© Gebrüder Munzert: Acoustic tested fabrics

Verotex: New Trevira CS screen fabric

The new VEROTEX screen fabric, VEROGLIM® 4095, was developed specifically for the contract sector. The metallised back achieves very high light reflection and low transmission that prevents rooms from heating up, thus achieving excellent energetic values. The permanent flame retardancy and the stiffening of the fabric without the use of chemicals (due to the use of a special low-melt component) are some of the outstanding properties of this new screen fabric.

© Verotex: Article VEROGLIM® 4095

As always, the new Trevira CS collections cover a broad variety in their design statements. In addition to the minimalist, understated collections, there are also opulence, shine, and volume - here life can be celebrated again, which is certainly another post-Covid trend.

Rubelli: New 100% Trevira CS collection Di Varia Natura

With its Di Varia Natura collection, Rubelli brings five new fabrics onto the market: TALETE, ARCHIMIDE, ARIANNA, NADAR, and LETTERE.

TALETE is a jacquard fabric inspired by the splendid archetypal geometries of the marble inlays typical of floors in Medieval Italian churches and basilicas. “Carpets” of marble and mosaic; masterpieces of elaborate simplicity. In TALETE, the two small patterns – a simple sphere and a sinuous shape that occupy and vie for the same space – are also an expression of ornamentation that pays tribute to geometry. Observing them becomes an exercise in visual perception.

© Rubelli: TALETE

ARCHIMEDE: An elegant jacquard fabric with a raised effect and a vintage vibe. A design that can be traced back to a collection of costume jewellery and original accessories from the Sixties, whose elegant geometric shapes are reminiscent of the patterns of Paco Rabanne’s “unwearable dresses”.

© Rubelli: Archimede

ARIANNA: A jacquard fabric with a silky look and a decorative pattern. A sort of maze where getting lost, only to find yourself again, is enjoyable. The reference is the Knossos labyrinth but also the appealing green mazes of Veneto villas. The hexagonal shapes, in their regularity, create an extremely well-proportioned geometric pattern.

© Rubelli: ARIANNA

NADAR: A contemporary damask suggestive of the natural world. This time the reference is to the art of photography and its techniques. The camera is trained on a swathe of flowers (possibly waterlilies) which, once “printed”, become vaguely floral shapes, rarefied, and shaded. As if the monochrome effects and the chiaroscuro elements of black and white photos were transformed by magic into other colours, a mark of modernity.

© Rubelli: NADAR

LETTERE: As sophisticated as silk, LETTERE is a very original damask to be admired and …. read. Resisting the temptation to decode its message, if any, is virtually impossible. Roman epigraphs with their elegant and sharply outlined characters are a source of emotion and inspiration, like the twelve sentences of the light installation by Joseph Kosuth on the façade of Palazzo Querini in Venice. This is the appeal of writing that “communicates”, aside from the meaning of the words. The writing inserted in the LETTERE damask with wit and skill is proof of this. The sentences become decoration and overlap the classic design, following its outline and stopping where the pattern makes way for the plain ground.

© Rubelli: LETTERE

Sustainable in many ways

Trevira is broadly positioned with respect to sustainability and pursues various approaches. These include the recycling of valuable raw materials. As a result, residual waste that occurs in production is not sorted out but is instead recycled and then fed back into the production process.

As one of the first and worldwide largest recyclers of PET bottles, the Thailand-based parent company Indorama Ventures PCL is also committed to sustainability. Trevira processes Indorama’s recycled PET bottle chips into filament yarns that are then used in the automotive and apparel sectors as well as in flame-retardant home textiles.

© Indorama Ventures PCL/Trevira GmbH: Bottle flakes

© Trevira GmbH: Chips and filament yarns made from recycled PET bottles

Trevira has launched the Trevira CS eco brand for flame retardant textiles that consist of recycled Trevira products.

Trevira CS eco – safe and sustainable

Trevira CS eco

The new Trevira CS eco brand unites sustainability and flame retardancy. Trevira offers products for this which have been manufactured through different recycling processes. The flame retardant filament yarns are based on the use of recycled PET bottles (post-consumer recycling).

Trevira uses an agglomeration facility to recycle reusable waste materials from production to manufacture recycled fibres that, after further processing, retain the same quality and performance characteristics as the original products (pre-consumer recycling).

Textiles bearing the Trevira CS eco trademark consist of at least 50% recycled materials.

SMART and KELLY – Fidivi’s new Trevira CS eco articles

SMART is a unicoloured and versatile fabric made with recycled, flame retardant filament yarns (post-consumer). It fulfils the requirements for the Trevira CS eco brand. With a subtle texture and strong technical properties, SMART is a multifunctional fabric, suitable for a wide range of interior applications and especially for upholstery. The colour range includes 24 hues, from pastels to fresh and natural tints.

© Fidivi: Article SMART

KELLY is a crepe weave fabric that also consists of recycled, flame retardant filament yarns (post-consumer) and that bears the Trevira CS eco trademark. Due to its softness and lightness, this crepe fabric is ideal for both seating and vertical surfaces in the office environment. KELLY is a piece-dyed fabric that is available in 24 colours, including bright, bold tints and natural shades.

© Fidivi: Article KELLY

Lodetex: New Trevira CS eco collection

Lodetex also presents a new Trevira CS eco collection. These fabrics, which are made up of between 60% and 100% of recycled flame retardant fibres that were created through the pre-consumer recycling process, owe their natural look to such fibres.

Due to its softness and transparency, this collection is not only suitable for the contract sector but also for private homes that desire comfort and safety. Lodetex also offers these fabrics with an innovative biodegradable and antimicrobial finish.

© Lodetex/Trevira GmbH: Trevira CS eco collection

© Lodetex/Trevira GmbH: Trevira CS eco collection

© Lodetex/Trevira GmbH: Trevira CS eco collection

An additional new product is a curtain that, in its appearance, reminds of a burn-out. It is a fine, transparent jacquard fabric woven with monofilaments and recycled flame retardant fibre yarns. Thanks to this innovative yarn combination, it is also possible to generate a burn-out effect with a Trevira CS fabric.

© Lodetex: Burn-out effect

Verotex – Trevira CS eco for interior sun protection

The new Verotex fabric, VEROSAFE® 12.410, unites safety and sustainability. This fabric is permanently flame retardant, sound-absorbing, and sustainable. It consists of 100% flame retardant, recycled Trevira staple fibres that have received, same as all recycled Trevira products, the GRS certificate (Global Recycled Standard). Another important advantage is that low-melt fibres are used to stiffen fabrics without requiring additional chemical finishing agents. These properties make this new recycling product an absolute must-have fabric for sun protection.

© Verotex: Verosafe® 12.410

Vlnap: New patterns for yarns made from flame retardant, sustainable Trevira fibres

Trevira manufactures flame retardant, recycled fibres using the pre-consumer recycling process, which means that reusable production waste is recycled in an agglomeration facility and then fed back into the production process.

Vlnap‘s spun yarn, DELFT TWIST, manufactured from these fibres, generates a fabric with a matt-glossy effect with a light Shantung structure and, accordingly, creates the impression of a linen-like, natural look.


Vlnap‘s LINEN, Nm 50/2, also spun from flame retardant, recycled Trevira fibres gives the impression of a yarn spun from natural fibres due to its long-wave irregularities.


Trevira Sinfineco – the brand for textiles made from sustainable Trevira products

Trevira Sinfineco is the brand for textiles that contain sustainable Trevira products. Certain products manufactured from Trevira fibres and filaments, created either through pre-consumer recycling, post-consumer recycling, or made from biopolymers, may carry this label. It is used in the apparel, automotive interior, and home textile sectors.

In addition to recycled products, sustainable man-made fibres made from PLA play an important role in the Trevira product range. Biopolymer is manufactured from plant sugar that undergoes a fermentation process, transforming it into lactic acid, which is the basis for polylactic acid (PLA). The plant sugars needed for this process can be derived from sugar beet, sugar cane, and maize.

Applications where Trevira PLA fibres and filaments are used include clothing, home textiles, hygiene products, and technical applications such as technical nonwovens or food packaging.

Sustainable bedding by Carlos Manuel Salgado Costa, Ltd. (Analar®)

Another example of sustainable items made from Trevira fibres is a pillow created by the Portuguese Trevira customer, Carlos Manuel Salgado Costa, Ltd. (Analar®). Its filling consists of 95% PLA biopolymer.

PLA fibres based on renewable resources represent a sustainable alternative to fibres based on fossil fuels. PLA is recyclable and 100% biodegradable under industrial compostable conditions.

© Carlos Manuel Salgado Costa, Ltd/Trevira GmbH: PLA pillow

© Carlos Manuel Salgado Costa, Ltd/Trevira GmbH: PLA pillow

Endutex – banners made from PLA

Endutex, the Portuguese manufacturer of technical textiles, has also used PLA to create knitted fabrics for the use as banners. This fabric consists of 100% Trevira PLA false twist textured filament yarns.

© Endutex/Trevira GmbH: BIOTEX 190 PLA

Polopique – sustainable apparel fabrics with PLA

The Portuguese circular knitting factory, Polopique, creates sustainable fabrics made from PLA to be used in apparel items. The items consist of 50% PLA and 50% Lyocell and are available in various patterns such as herringbone.

© Polopique/Trevira GmbH: Articles with 50% PLA / 50% Lyocell

About Trevira GmbH:

Trevira GmbH is an innovative European manufacturer of high-value branded fibres and filament yarns for technical applications and hygiene products as well as for home textiles, automotive interiors and functional apparel. Two production sites and a Marketing and Sales office with a total of approx. 960 employees are located in Germany. These are supported by an international marketing and sales organization. In 2020, sales amounted to around 191 million Euros. The head office of the company is located in Bobingen near Augsburg. Trevira GmbH is owned by Indorama Ventures PCL, Thailand. Trevira has a worldwide reputation for fibres and yarns for flame retardant polyester home textiles (Trevira CS), for its fibre specialties for hygiene products and technical nonwovens as well as for low-pill fibres for functional apparel.


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