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Analytical Laboratory Services

We specialise primarily on polymer-related analyses of, among others, PET, PBT, PLA, PA, PE, PP, PPS and PEEK. We offer comprehensive analytical services from the monomers via the intermediates and polymers to the resulting final products and side-products. We design test programmes specifically for questions in relation to these areas, conduct the analyses and provide a verified interpretation of the results.

Our services at a glance

DSC Zelle


DSC – Differential scanning calorimetry
Melting point determination
Heat capacity analysis
Description of crystallisation behaviour

TGA – Thermogravimetric analysis
Description of volatility behaviour
Carbon black content analysis
Determination of inorganic content proportion

TMA - Thermomechanical analysis
Description of softening behaviour
Determination of the melting point of amorphous polymers
Analysis of hardening processes



GC - Gas chromatography 
Analysis of PES comonomers (acids, diols)
Heat transfer oils monitoring

Determination of acetaldehyde in PET
Quantification of volatile compounds in polymers
and other matrices

GC-MS/Mass spectroscopy
Identification of volatile compounds

IC - Ion chromatography
Halegonide analysis
Determination of PA monomers 

HPLC (VWD,DAD,RI) - High pressure liquid chromatography
Oligomer analysis
Determination of PES comonomers
Additive detection

GPC - Gel permeation chromatography
Determination of molar mass of PA, PES, PLA and PEG
Additive detection

DC -Thin layer chromatography
Analysis of textile resources
Dyes analysis



Analysis of melt viscosity of polymers
MFI/MVR value measurement

Capillary viscosity
Determination of viscosity of polymers in different solvents
Analysis of viscosity of fluids

Rotating viscosimeter
Determination of viscosity of fluids
Description of rheological behaviour

Particle counter/Particle size

Scattered-light analysis
Analysis of particle size and particle distribution

Sieve analysis
Sieve analysis with air jet sieving machine
Sieve analysis with sieve shaker

Film test
Test for polymer contaminations



IR/NIR spectroscopy (ATR/Microscope/Transmission)
Identification of polymers/organic compounds
Quantification of polymer compounds

Fluorescence spectroscopy
Additive and optical brightener detection
Description of PES degradation level

UV/VIS spectroscopy
Quantification of organic compounds
Measurement of colour indices

Environmental protection

Extract air/ambient air monitoring
TC analysis with mobile FID
WEL analysis

Effluent analysis
Analysis of waste/cooling/process water
Determination of biodegradability


Elemental analysis

Quantitative and qualitative elemental determination

Digestion processes
Acidic microwave digestion 
Melt digestion



Potentiometric titration
PES carboxyl and hydroxyl end groups 
Acidic/alkaline titrations

Karl Fischer titration
Determination of the water content of solids using KF oven
Coulometric and volumetric water content determination for solids and liquids


Physical Tests

Determination of surface tension
Determination of contact angle

Determination of the density with pycnometer or gradient column


This list is not exhaustive, and  we offer a large number of additional analyses and tests. We conduct our analyses according to recognised industry-wide standards, or, where these do not exist in relation to the test we have been asked to undertake, we use our validated in-house testing regulations. We are happy to provide a detailed breakdown of costs and an estimated timeframe along with details of the sample quantity required for the test.

If you can’t find the test you need in the list above, get in touch with us.

We look forward to finding a solution to meet your needs.

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