Trevira CS Press Kit for the 2024 Heimtextil Trade Fair


Trevira CS: Business 2023 and Outlook

The past year was characterized by difficult economic conditions. Persistently high raw material and energy prices, increasing competitive pressure, inflation and a lack of planning certainty led to great uncertainty in the markets. 

The business with flame-retardant Trevira® fibers and filament yarns also came under pressure as a result of these influences. Flame-retardant textiles are primarily used in the contract market, where planning certainty is required for major projects especially, which was only available to a limited extent under the prevailing political and economic conditions. The reluctance to buy, which had already set in during the 4th quarter of 2022, continued throughout 2023 and the expected recovery did not materialize. Projects were put on hold or even canceled, resulting in a noticeable decline in demand. The decline in available volumes on the market in turn led to increased price pressure.

In the area of flame-retardant Trevira® filament yarns, the markets of Italy, Scandinavia and - despite a high inflation rate - Turkey particularly proved to be stable. The Trevira CS business continues to focus on Europe, where we were able to roughly maintain our market share.

In the USA, activities in the cruise ship segment were very much in the focus, where demand for Trevira CS textiles remains strong due to the demanding fire safety regulations. A Trevira CS trade fair stand at Cruise Ship Interiors in Miami in June 2023 provided new impetus here.

After an initially good start to 2023, demand in the Trevira CS fibers business weakened slightly, particularly in the fourth quarter. Overall, the German, Italian, Turkish, Austrian and Spanish markets proved to be particularly robust. Demand for recycled fibers for use in Trevira CS eco textiles remains high. We continue to see significant growth potential here.

To meet the challenges of the contract market, product developments are being driven forward to support the suppliers of Trevira CS textiles in their business. These include flame-retardant, spun-dyed, UV-stable filament yarns, which are available from stock in 30 colors. In the area of sustainability, the focus is on products made from chemically recycled PET raw materials.

In addition, we are bundling our sales expertise for the Trevira CS fiber and filament business in a newly merged team, thus ensuring better for spinning mills and fabric manufacturers.

In order to strengthen networking with our downstream target groups and boost the presence of the Trevira CS brand, cooperations with the initiative "Generation Handwerk" (Generation craftmanship) to promote the profession of interior decorators and with the Münchner Stoff-Frühling showroom event are planned for 2024.  


Trevira CS at Heimtextil 2024

Trevira CS Joint Booth with 17 partners

The Trevira CS brand will be presenting itself with 17 top customers and partners as well as an innovative special exhibition at Heimtextil, which takes place in Frankfurt from January 9 to 12, 2024. The joint stand is located in Hall 4.0 / Stand C15 together with the Indorama Ventures stand.

Trevira CS customers and partners are exhibiting their flame-retardant products and new collections for the home textiles and contract market at individual stands on the joint booth. Visitors can discover innovations in the areas of yarn production, woven and knitted fabrics and interior solar shading. The exhibitors at the Trevira CS stand will represent all textile applications with their products, from lightweight curtains to heavy upholstery fabrics. In addition to the yarn and fabric manufacturers, one exhibit is dedicated to presenting a traditional craft at the Trevira CS joint stand. The trimming maker Jende Manufaktur will be demonstrating the manufacture of trimmings from flame retardant, UV-stable, spun-dyed Trevira® yarns as well as from materials from the co-exhibiting yarn manufacturers.

The following Trevira CS customers and partners will be exhibiting a wide variety of flame retardant products at the joint stand in January: Casalegno Tendaggi S.r.l., Chamatex SAS, F.lli Baroni s.r.l., FIDIVI Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A., Hoftex Färberei GmbH, Ilcat by Lei Tsu s.r.l., Jende Manufaktur GbR, Lodetex S.p.A., Mattes & Ammann GmbH & Co. KG, Mottura S.p.A., Pozzi Arturo S.p.A., PUGI R.G. S.R.L., Tessitura Mario Ghioldi & C. s.r.l., Tintoria Sala s.r.l., Torcitura Fibre Sintetiche S.p.A., Torcitura Padana S.p.A. and Wintex S.r.l..

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Stand layout of des Trevira CS Joint Booth, Heimtextil 2024

The Trevira CS sustainability concept:
sustainable in many ways  

The Trevira CS brand pursues various approaches in order to achieve the best possible sustainability balance over the life cycle of the product, from the fiber/filament through to recycling options for textiles that can no longer be used. Various recycling methods are used, from mechanical to chemical recycling.

Recycling solutions:

Flame retardant fabrics with recycled content (Trevira CS eco)

Trevira CS fabrics are also available in recycled versions. They consist of fiber and filament yarns that are obtained in various recycling processes. Fabrics made from these yarns can obtain the Trevira CS eco trademark. The prerequisite for this is a recycled content of at least 50%. Filament yarns are produced using recycled PET bottles and contain 50% post-consumer recycled material. Recycled fibers are made from 100% recycled material (pre-consumer recycling) obtained from production waste via an agglomeration plant and further processing steps. All flame-retardant, recycled Trevira products are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.

The Trevira CS eco textiles available on the market today go far beyond the initial basic articles in terms of design, look and feel. Almost all fabric qualities are available: light, transparent curtain fabrics, flowing, shiny decorative fabrics, materials in natural looks, flat woven fabrics and velvets for use as upholstery fabrics. Articles for interior sun protection are also available in Trevira CS eco quality. In the Trevira CS fabric competition 2024, many Trevira CS eco fabrics were awarded by the jury.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Agglomerate from production waste for the manufacture of flame retardant fibers (pre-consumer)

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Pre-Consumer Recycling: flame retardant fibers made from agglomerate

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Post-Consumer Recycling: bottle flakes for the production of recycled filament yarn

Back to a new life:

The Trevira CS take-back program

Used Trevira CS fabrics can be returned and recycled as part of the Trevira CS take-back program. This applies to textiles from the pre-consumer sector such as unsold remnants, discontinued items, offcuts, defective goods, etc. as well as textiles that have reached the end of their useful life (post-consumer).

The Trevira CS fabrics are collected at the recycling company ALTEX Textil-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG and undergo a mechanical recycling process. The final products are nonwovens, which are used in various sectors for example for insulation and soundproofing. Of particular interest is their use as acoustic panels, for example in the form of sound-absorbing wall coverings, free-standing partitions, ceiling suspensions or decorative objects.

The take-back system offered is a program for Trevira CS fabrics only (i.e. Trevira CS, Trevira CS flex, Trevira CS eco). Proof that the fabric in question was manufactured from flame retardant Trevira® fibers and filaments or the products of the further processing stages (spinners, texturizers, etc.) is provided by presenting the Trevira CS trademark approval. This confirms that the fabric has passed the fire test indicated in the trademark conditions and has been approved for the Trevira CS trademark.

At ALTEX, nonwovens with a basis weight of 600 – 3,000 g/sqm can be produced for a wide variety of applications. One project is the production of a flame-retardant nonwoven for use in an acoustic panel. For this purpose, torn fibers from Trevira CS fabrics are used, which are processed into the corresponding nonwovens by adding new fibers and/or low-melt fibers. It is important to adapt the function, thickness and strength of the nonwoven to the corresponding area of application. If the resulting nonwoven is covered with Trevira CS or Trevira CS eco fabrics, the result is a new, attractive, functional product that helps to avoid waste and conserve resources.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Trevira CS out of use fabrics

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / ALTEX Textil-Recycling GmbH | Torn fibers made from out of use Trevira CS fabrics

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / ALTEX Textil-Recycling GmbH | Nonwoven made from torn fibers of out of use Trevira CS fabrics

Advanced / chemical recycling:

The next generation of flame retardant fabrics

The long-term goal in the development of sustainable products is to enter a closed-loop economy. Chemical recycling opens possibilities for approaching this goal.

Indorama Ventures has launched an innovative Trevira CS product development in which flame-retardant fibers and filament yarns are made from chemically recycled raw material. The products are made from 100% recycled material and are available on a commercial scale. Currently, PET material from the packaging industry is used here, which is not suitable to be re-used in the manufacture of bottles/packaging material.

Chemical recycling involves depolymerization, a sequence of chemical reactions in which the polymer chains are broken down again into their original components, i.e. the monomers. The raw material we obtained from the recycling process is comparable to the original material and can be used again in high-quality products.

The greatest advantage, however, lies in the potential that this approach unlocks for the future. Today, the chemically recycled raw material used to produce flame-retardant Trevira® fibers and filament yarns is obtained from PET waste from the packaging industry, but in principle it could come from almost any other recycled PET material, even from textiles.

With these first steps, the path to a circular economy is underway - waste can be avoided and resources conserved. In future, it may be possible to use chemical recycling to obtain raw materials for new textiles from textile waste.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Chemically recycled raw material

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Filament yarns made from chemically recycled raw material

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Fibers made from chemically recycled raw material

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Trevira CS fabric made by Gabriel A/S, manufactured from chemically recycled raw material

On duty outdoors:

Flame retardant, spun-dyed, UV-stable Trevira® filament yarns available from stock

Following the presentation of a Trevira CS outdoor color palette developed by Judith van Vliet / The Color Authority™ at Heimtextil 2023, the corresponding outdoor yarns are now available from stock. These are 30 flame-retardant, spun-dyed, UV-stable filament yarns that are particularly suitable for outdoor use in the hospitality sector and on cruise ships thanks to their high light fastness and UV resistance. They also score points for their sustainable properties, as the fabrics made from them can be produced in a more environmentally friendly way than textiles made from conventional yarns. The use of spun-dyed yarns is easy on the environment, as dyeing processes for yarns and fabrics are no longer necessary, meaning that fewer resources such as energy, water and chemicals are required. The durability of the textiles is also given under outdoor conditions: permanent colour strength, no fading, UV stabilization for long-lasting durability. The first fabrics made from these Trevira CS outdoor yarns are now available on the market.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / PIF | Trevira CS outdoor fabric made by PIF, manufactured from flame retardant, spun.dyed, UV-stable Trevira® filament yarns

Aesthetic, high quality, sustainable and safe:
Special showcase #treviracsCore presents the "Trevira CS Interior Lifestyle"

#treviracsCore – sparking emotions

The Trevira CS special showcase 2024 will be held under the motto #treviracsCore. The term "core" means core element / heart and is used in conjunction with a hashtag and another defining term in the digital media for a trend / lifestyle to which people feel connected and follow.  

This time, the special show is about demonstrating qualities which Trevira CS fabrics can achieve in addition to their functionality and performance in the design of textile spaces. From a sustainably furnished lounge, to a luxurious interior or a casual outdoor area, to a cozy retreat – Trevira CS creates a high-end aesthetic, an atmosphere that inspires and appeals to our emotions – and does so with fabrics that are safe.

For the design of the special show, all Trevira CS customers were invited to submit their latest Trevira CS products as part of the annual Trevira CS fabric competition. A total of well over 200 articles from more than 50 customers were available. This year's special show will also feature trimmings made from Trevira CS yarns.

The special showcase includes 4 themes for which the Trevira CS fabrics were submitted.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures | Selection of the awarded fabrics of the Trevira CS Fabric Creativity Competition 2024

Theme 1: #MySustainableStay

A "Sustainability Lounge" invites visitors to stay and linger. Here, all information on Trevira CS sustainability topics is presented, featuring the latest Trevira CS eco textiles and fabrics made from chemically recycled raw material.

Sustainable, resource-conserving, nature-loving, genuine, pure, calm, grounded - the #MySustainableStay theme revolves around these terms.

The winners of the Trevira CS Fabric Creativity Competition 2024 on the theme #MySustainableStay

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Casalegno Tendaggi S.r.l. | Article: S9194 Des1, Var. 3 / Trevira CS eco (Prototype) / #MySystainableStay

Article S9194 from Casalegno Tendaggi is a curtain fabric that is available in a double width and a natural range of colors. Its linen look and soft feel are particularly impressive. It is a Trevira CS eco prototype made from recycled flame-retardant yarns.  In addition to use in the contract market, it is also suitable for residential applications.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Chamatex S.A.. | Article: Y23/5084 / Trevira CS eco / #MySystainableStay

Trevira CS eco Article Y23/5084 from Chamatex is an all-around, contemporary "basic" that can be used in all areas of contract furnishing. It contains 50% recycled content (post-consumer). The understated design surprises with a soft, pleasant feel.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Creative Matters Inc. | Article: Trevira CS needlefelt / #MySystainableStay

The Trevira CS needlefelt from Creative Matters is colored with a graphic pattern. It is used as a wall covering, where it not only stands out due to its unusual design, but it can also render sound-absorption. The combination of needlefelt and coloring creates a novel, outstanding article that can also be an artistic eye-catcher in the hospitality sector thanks to its flame retardant properties.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Fidivi Tessitura Vergnano S.p.A. | Article: Energy, Col 6031 Molveno, / Trevira CS eco / #MySystainableStay

Article Energy is a technical-looking fabric, a mesh-like textile surface produced using PosiLeno® technology. Thanks to its open yet firm structure, the article is particularly suitable for use as a textile backrest for office chairs. The range of vibrant colors in which it is available also makes it ideal for use in the office sector. A special feature is that the technical, "sporty" look was created using recycled flame-retardant filament yarns.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Lodetex S.p.A. | Article: 24994, Var. 101 / Trevira CS eco Prototype / #MySystainableStay

Article 24994 from Lodetex is a curtain fabric with a beautiful 3D effect. It has an interesting and exciting play of colors - depending on the angle from which you look at the fabric, it changes color. The article is a successful example of the innovative spirit of producing sophisticated qualities from recycled, flame-retardant yarns, i.e. this article is a Trevira CS eco prototype.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / PUGI R.G. S.R.L. | Article: Mirage Eco / Trevira CS eco / #MySystainableStay

Article Mirage Eco from Pugi is a further development of the conventional Trevira CS Article Mirage. The sustainable version of the crepe fabric uses flame-retardant, recycled yarns. The fabric can be used in a variety of ways - as upholstery fabric, curtains or for room dividers. It also shows good abrasion resistance and lightfastness values. The color is on trend and blends in well with a homey ambience.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Tekso Kadife Kumas SAN.VE TIC.A.S. | Article: Bergama TR197 Camel / Trevira CS eco / #MySystainableStay

A velvet made from recycled yarns - this is the Trevira CS eco article Bergama from Tekso. It is a hard-wearing quality that has a very high-end appearance thanks to its matt sheen. This impression is also underpinned by the soft, natural feel. The rich camel color can set beautiful accents in the hospitality sector as well as in private homes.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Tintoria Sala s.r.l. | Article: Garn ECO ZEUS

With its ECO ZEUS yarn, Tintoria Sala is launching an article made from 100% flame-retardant pre-consumer recycled material. The processing of long staple fibers creates a beautiful viscose/linen effect. Fabrics woven from these yarns look very similar to fabrics made from natural materials.

Thema 2: #MyOutdoorTimeout

Trevira CS fabrics are used in this theme to create an outdoor scene. A wide variety of outdoor materials can be used here, such as Trevira CS fabrics made from spun-dyed, UV-stable filament yarns especially from the new color range, textiles made from UV-stabilized dyed yarns, or from yarns dyed with UV-stable dyes. Conventional Trevira CS fabrics with good light fastness and strength as well as fabrics characterized by a distinctly outdoor design were also used in the design of the theme.

The #MyOutdoorTimeout scene is playful, cheerful, easy, refreshing, carefree, colorful, light-hearted.

The winners of the Trevira CS Fabric Creativity Competition 2024 on the theme #MyOutdoorTimeout

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Engelbert E. Stieger AG | Article: 61622 Odine Outdoor, Col. 110 / #MyOutdoorTimeout

The Odine Outdoor article from Stieger is made from spun-dyed yarns. The curtain has a grid-like structure and is available in a width of 300 cm. The clean look contrasts with the soft feel. The article exudes a lightness that goes well with an outdoor ambience.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Filippo Uecher S.r.l./Mariaflora | Article: Botanical 10572, Col. 80 / #MyOutdoorTimeout

The Trevira CS Article Botanical from Mariaflora is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It achieves good color fastness values and is IMO certified. A luxurious, comfortable upholstery fabric that also impresses with its modern, unusual design.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / nya nordiska,innovation GmbH | Article: Rio Bravo CS, col. 205 salvia / #MyOutdoorTimeout

With the Trevira CS Article Rio Bravo from nya nordiska, it is the classic stripe design that immediately evokes associations with a summery outdoor atmosphere. The strength and weight of the fabric are also reminiscent of sailcloth and fabrics for deckchairs.  Alternating with white, a fresh pastel shade lends the fine stripes a modern radiance. The change in color is supported by a texture variation: the colored panels in satin weave contrast with the background in Panama weave. The article can be used as an upholstery or decorative fabric.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / SVENSSON | Article: Grace 3324 / #MyOutdoorTimeout

Article Grace is a lightweight curtain with a complex, colorful pattern where the smaller details only become visible upon closer inspection. It is an exquisitely knitted curtain that is both classic in its knitting method, and unique in that it is entirely yarn-dyed. Two separately colored threads harmonize as they hook into each other, allowing either color to dominate depending on which side is observed. Grace feels braided in its structure, with a playful and sophisticated pattern that is sure to leave a stunning impression in any environment.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / PIF Textile | Article: 1351 Ref. OT 19008-9 / #MyOutdoorTimeout

The flame-retardant, spun-dyed, UV-stable filament yarns from the new Trevira CS color card were used for the Trevira CS prototype 1351 from PIF. The stripe design in a contemporary color scheme stands for a classic outdoor article that is particularly suitable for use in the hospitality and cruise sectors.

Theme 3: #MyHiddenTreasures

The Trevira CS portfolio available on the market holds a veritable treasure trove of luxurious fabrics with which to create extraordinary, sophisticated interiors.

The theme revolves around the terms: lavish, luxurious, elaborate, handicraft, ornate, noble, mysterious.

The winners of the Trevira CS Fabric Creativity Competition 2024 on the theme #MyHiddenTreasures

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / JAB Anstoetz KG | Article: Bosco JA7085-30 / #MyHiddenTreasures

The Trevira CS Article Bosco from JAB is a large-patterned decorative fabric with an up-to-date interpretation of a "leaves" motif. The softly draping jacquard impresses with its contemporary design combined with an appealing color scheme. The modern look of the fabric can accent beautifully in both upmarket contract furnishings and private living areas.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Jende Manufaktur GbR | Article: Trevira CS trimmings / #MyHiddenTreasures

Jende Manufaktur was awarded for its Trevira CS trimmings, which are made from flame-retardant, UV-stable, spun-dyed Trevira® yarns and materials from the co-exhibiting yarn manufacturers. The result is small treasures that enrich the #MyHiddenTreasures theme. Once again it becomes clear how highly developed and sophisticated Trevira CS yarns are today.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Lodetex S.p.A. | Article: 24992 STAR LIGHT B, Var. 201 / #MyHiddenTreasures

The Article Star Light from Lodetex stands for pure luxury. It is reminiscent of liquid gold but also of structures from nature. The alternation of transparent and non-transparent surfaces creates additional effects. A unique article has been created here, in which the idea of luxury is realized through in-depth knowledge of weaving know-how coupled with knowledge of artistic aspects. Seeing this fabric is an experience.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Pozzi Arturo S.p.A. | Article: FIREWALL L 150, Des JX0604, Col. 3/1 (Prototype) / #MyHiddenTreasures

The article Firewall from Pozzi Arturo also lays claim to a luxurious ambience. The tightly woven quality can be used both as an upholstery fabric and as a decorative fabric. Shiny metallic yarns make a strong statement here. Nevertheless, the fabric is not so much on the “loud” side but rather a piece of "quiet luxury" for upmarket hotel furnishings or the private living area.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Romo Ltd/Zinc Textile | Article: Z582/10, Athénée Ochre / #MyHiddenTreasures

A glamorous look and diffuse lines give this deliberately oversized, genuine moiré design a fascinating play of light. With its wonderfully soft feel and flowing drape, the Trevira CS article Athénée from Zinc Textile is particularly suitable for curtains. The article exudes an enormous radiance, the color shines and the moiré effect casts a spell over the observer. There is an attractive range of colors to choose from. Athénée is also washable.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Rothböck Textilien GmbH | Article: CS-715, Col. 2 (Prototype) / #MyHiddenTreasures

The luxurious aspect of Rothböck's article CS-715 is revealed by the handcrafted appearance of the upholstery fabric. With its interwoven yarns, the dobby-woven article has a rustic and dignified appearance, also thanks to its pleasant, grainy feel. It is contemporary in the best sense of the word, as its look reflects the trend towards simple, handcrafted, high-quality products. It is also characterized by high abrasion resistance and good light fastness.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Rubelli S.p.A. | Article: Improvisation Ambra, 30627-01 / #MyHiddenTreasures

The article Improvisation by Rubelli has a translucent structure with irregular, gold and silver-colored hatching on a transparent background, produced using the fil coupé technique. The irregular hatching blurs into a kind of "brickwork" when viewed as a whole. The fabric has a sophisticated look and the use of gold and silver-colored yarns gives it an almost precious appearance. According to Rubelli a luminous, definitively contemporary motif that seems to emerge from a creative improvisation like a piece of jazz.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Wintex S.r.l. | Article: 93.31 / 23, Col. A01 (Trevira CS eco Prototype) / #MyHiddenTreasures

The Trevira CS eco prototype 93.31/23 from Wintex surprises with an indeterminate design that unfolds particularly beautifully on the surface. Its "dry" feel and matt sheen go hand in hand and give the article a high-quality appearance. All in all, a versatile article that blends well into diverse interiors.

Theme 4: #MyCozyCosmos

Everyone can create their own personal kingdom, their place of retreat, with Trevira CS fabrics. Materials with a pleasant, comfortable feel are in demand here. This scene could also be well imagined in a residential ambience – furnished with fabrics that feel irresistibly good: soft, cuddly, comfortable, cozy, homey, snug, relaxed.

The winners of the Trevira CS Fabric Creativity Competition 2024 on the theme #MyCozyCosmos

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Création Baumann AG | Article: Eden 2123 / #MyHiddenTreasures

Article Eden is a semi-transparent, extravagant curtain fabric. By means of an elaborate laser cut, a generous, rich sea of flowers emerges, reminiscent of a floral lace design. The broken-up surfaces and the spontaneously flowing edges of the flowers create a fascinating aesthetic and sensual play of light in the room - a unique, textile object that is also excellently suited as a room divider. The dense and finely structured material gives the article a poetic, purist, timeless look, and the beautiful, contemporary pastel shade makes this fascinating curtain particularly homey and familiar.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Engelbert E. Stieger AG | Article: 61616 Heri, Col 190 / #MyCozyCosmos

Article Heri from Stieger is a uniformly woven leno weave that is available in a width of 300 cm. The woolly, soft feel is impressive and unexpected for this article, which looks rather technical from a distance. Thanks to its uniform structure, Heri radiates calmness and recedes into the background. Paired with the soft feel and drape, it becomes a "pleasant roommate".

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Baroni Filati S.r.l. | Article: Garn #MyCozyCosmos / Yarn Pereyra (Prototype) / #MyCozyCosmos

Soft as a cloud - this is how manufacturer Baroni describes its Pereyra yarn. If you want to produce a soft, cozy upholstery fabric, this yarn is recommended. The light mélange effect, which makes the yarn appear even more voluminous, is achieved in just one dyeing process, which saves water.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Regina Baumann GmbH | Article: T23-04 (Prototype) / #MyCozyCosmos

Plush upholstery fabrics have enjoyed great popularity in the home for some time now. With the Trevira CS prototype T23-04, Regina Baumann is now launching a flame-retardant article that also has a teddy-bear-like, cuddly surface. Thanks to the use of bouclé yarns, the expressive, voluminous fabric has a natural look and a very soft feel.

© Photo: Indorama Ventures / Vanelli TekstilSAN. VE. TIC. A.S. | Article: JO2711-1-306-G6 (Prototype) / #MyCozyCosmos

Vanelli has launched a new type of dimout with its JO2711 article. The front and back are characterized by a different, attractive design, which makes the article particularly interesting. The fabric resembles clothing textiles in its appearance, which gives it a certain elegance that unfolds its effect in both residential and contract interiors.

Anke Vollenbröker, Marketing Director Trevira CS: "We are delighted that we will once again be present at Heimtextil with a large joint booth with 17 Trevira CS partners. One focus of our presentation will be on our sustainability themes, particularly on our pioneering developments in the field of chemical recycling. Of course, we also want to surprise our target groups again with inspiring scenes full of Trevira CS fabrics. This time, with our special show #treviracsCore, we will be demonstrating that Trevira CS fabrics offer everything you need to create your own personal interior lifestyle - with textiles that are safe."

About Trevira CS:

Trevira CS is a brand of the Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited (IVL) owned company Indorama Ventures Fibers Germany GmbH. Over the years, Trevira CS has become a synonym for flame retardant fabrics. Unlike fabrics with a flame retardant finish, which can lose their initial protection through use, aging or frequent washing, Trevira CS textiles offer long-term safety. This is due to the chemical structure of the polyester fiber: the flame-retardant properties are firmly anchored in the fiber and cannot be altered by external influences.

Trevira CS fabrics have been tested for fire safety and have received a trademark approval. They meet the requirements of the relevant international home textile fire safety standards and can be certified according to the IMO regulations for the maritime sector.

Due to their inherently flame retardant properties, they create a safe, attractive and comfortable environment for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, public buildings, railways, aircrafts and cruise ships. A wide range of Trevira CS collections with thousands of designs is available worldwide. The fabrics are used as curtains, drapes, decorative and upholstery fabrics, in interior sun protection and as wall coverings or room dividers.


About Indorama Ventures:

Indorama Ventures is one of the world's leading producers of man-made fibers, headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2022, the company generated revenues of US$18.7 billion from its three business segments PET, Integrated Oxides & Derivatives, and Fibers. The company is listed on the Dow Jones Emerging Markets and World Sustainability Indices (DJSI).



Anke Vollenbröker, Tel. +49 8234-9688- 2500, trevira.press@trevira.com, www.treviracs.com