Technical textiles

Technical textiles

The versatility of Trevira is shown by the numerous ways it is possible to use our products in technical textiles.

The range of technical applications for our products includes for example:

  • Short cut fibres for airlaid and wetlaid applications, e.g. hygiene products or the paper industry
  • Special types for hydro-entangled nonwovens, e.g. wipes
  • Bicomponent fibres for thermal bonding, e.g. insulation and filtration materials in the automotive sector, and also for hygiene textiles and construction materials
  • Flame retardant fibres for nonwoven applications
  • Fibres from biopolymers (PLA / IngeoTM) for nonwovens, e.g. for hygiene
  • Flame retardant antimicrobial yarns for textile air conditioning hose (air distribution systems)
  • Flame retardant yarns for exhibition / event textiles
  • Microfilament yarns for the cleaning sector  
  • Filament yarns (incl. flame retardants) for print base, including digital print processes
  • Filament yarns for processing in the ribbon industry (decorative ribbons, cable sheathing etc.)  
  • Spun-dyed yarns in fluorescent colours for high-visibility clothing    
  • Microfilament yarns for surgical textiles  
  • Antimicrobial fibres and yarns for medicine and hygiene textiles (e.g. reusable underlays)
  • Textured filament yarns as the basis for transdermal patches and bandages
  • Hybrid filament yarns with a low-melt component (NSK) for stiffened materials (e.g. for folding roofs, bellows, refrigerator covers, sun protection fabrics)
  • Compound melt threads for coaxial reinforcement materials/composites

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