Fibres for hygiene and nonwovens

Fibres for hygiene and nonwovens

Trevira fibres have shown themselves to be both effective and indispensable in nonwovens for the hygiene industry and other special applications. They are found in everyday use in a range of products, including napkins, ladies toiletry articles, cosmetic pads, wet wipes and high-quality fleece linings. They are also used in technical fields such as insulation and filtration materials. Nonwovens in Trevira are, in addition, much prized in the aircraft and automotive industries for their outstanding wear properties and reliability.
In close partnership with our customers we develop new fibres to meet their needs. In our in-house technical centre we develop a great variety of fibre qualities from prototype through to the ready-for-market product and transfer these to production. Often they form the basis for innovative products and new fields of application.

We offer a wide range of staple fibres for the hygiene sector and technical applications:

  • Bicomponent fibres for thermal bonding, used in hygiene articles such as napkins and ladies toiletries, and nonwovens, e.g. for insulation and filtration materials in the automotive sector.
  • Special types for hydro-entangled nonwovens. These are not only employed in the manufacture of wet and cosmetic wipes, but also increasingly in technical applications.
  • Fibres made frim biolpolymers (PLA /IngeoTM):
    Fibres made from renewable plant compounds for various applications.

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Trevira staple fibres for Nonwoven applications

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Trevira is member of EDANA,
the international association serving the nonwovens and related industries.