How Trevira CS Bioactive works

Trevira CS Bioactive

Textiles in Trevira CS Bioactive meet the requirements of preventative fire safety and enhanced cleanliness in equal measure. With Trevira CS Bioactive the flame retardant property is supplemented by the added antimicrobial property.

With Trevira CS Bioactive the antimicrobial agent based on silver is firmly anchored in the fibre polymer. This additive exercises a permanent antimicrobial effect and is not affected by either washing or usage. In the process it functions on the surface of the fibre and does not migrate into the surrounding atmosphere. It has been shown that Trevira Bioactive is compatible with the skin.

Trevira CS Bioactive

When bacteria come into direct contact with the textile, they are damaged by the silver ions, which prevents them multiplying.

Arguments: Trevira CS Bioactive

  • permanently flame retardant
  • contains an active substance with permanently antimicrobial effect
  • does therefore not need additional finishing agents
  • inhibits microbial formation of odors
  • inhibits growth of bacteria in/on the fibre
  • is compatible with the skin

How Trevira Bioactive works
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How Trevira CS works
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