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Research into the causes of fire shows that unsuitable textiles can contribute considerably towards a fire spreading. National and international standards regulate protection against fire. Flame retardant Trevira CS textiles meet the important international standards on fire safety, because they consist of fibres and yarns with "built-in safety".

Trevira checks all Trevira CS fabrics for their flame retardancy. This means that users can always be sure they are dealing with fabrics that conform to the important Regulations on fire safety worldwide.

A Comparative fire test shows the speed at which a blaze can spread in a room with conventional textiles – and alternatively, that it is possible to avoid the risk of fire with flame retardant Trevira CS textiles.

You can find our Trevira CS Fire safety brochure in our download centre. This has a review of the most important international fire safety standards, together with a selection of our Certificates and test reports.

Today Trevira CS materials, however, are not being used the world over solely because of regulations on preventative fire safety, but also in contexts where it is only the design of the textiles that counts.
Constantly undergoing further development, Trevira fibre and filament technology enables fabric manufacturers to continue introducing innovative products onto the market. The materials impress with their fresh effects, special structures and pleasant handle. 
As a result, Trevira fibres and yarns constitute not only the basis for the functionality of the textiles, they also ensure that the makers are in a position to establish trends internationally. 
Our Trevira CS catalogues provide an overview of the latest collections of flame retardant fabrics.

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