Home textiles

Trevira home textiles can be found in every field of application in interior textiles.
What all these materials have in common are the permanent functional properties that are firmly anchored in Trevira fibres and yarns, producing the various functions in the textile article.

Trevira CS

The flame retardant Trevira fibre and yarn types ensure that Trevira CS furnishing materials satisfy all important international fire protection standards. They are now the established standard in the contract sector.
How Trevira CS works

Trevira CS Bioactive

It is also possible to combine different functions. Trevira CS Bioactive fabrics meet the requirements both of preventative protection against fire and increased demands in terms of cleanliness.
How Trevira CS Bioactive works

Bedding and house textiles

Trevira Home

Easy care, dimensionally stable and hardwearing – these are the properties that distinguish bedding and house textiles in the Trevira Home brand.

Trevira Bioactive

Textiles with the antimicrobial property version improve cleanliness. Trevira Bioactive is ideal for use in the health and care sectors. In addition they are particularly suitable as the basis for domestic textiles such as towels and bathrobes.

Trevira CS Net

The world’s largest online fabric library for safety textiles, including manufacturer addresses and collections.
Trevira CS Net

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