Automotive textiles

Automotive textiles

Textiles in Trevira are processed in the majority of vehicles made in Europe. We have textile expertise in the automotive sector built up over many years. Trevira developed the first polyester qualities for the automotive industry at the start of the seventies.

Our products for the car industry

The range of our products for vehicle interiors includes:

  • Spun fibres
  • Flat filament yarns (raw-white and spun-dyed)
  • Textured filament yarns (elastic yarns, air- and false twist textured, chenille and knit-de-knit; in spun-dyed, yarn-dyed and raw-white).

Spun fibres in 100% polyester or in blends with wool are processed into high quality seat cover materials, or as nonwovens into parcel shelves. Our filament yarns can be used in all technologies - such as weaving and warp and weft knitting, to produce headliners, seat covers, door panels, pillar coverings and parcel shelves.

Customized product development

At Trevira we have, over the years, developed products that meet all requirements in terms of modern design, engineering and comfort. A particular solution to problems is supplied by yarns for textiles that have to adjust to extreme moulding stresses. Examples are the recesses for handles in the skyliner or in door panels. In such cases our elastic filament yarns offer the necessary elasticity and stretch.
We place particular value on collaboration with customers in developing new textile materials. Pilot lines and special machinery for yarn manufacture in our R&D departments enable us develop products rapidly and at favourable cost. A team of specialists is on hand to support at the commercial production stage.

We supply worldwide

Due to the increased globalisation of the automotive industry and the construction of "world models", the ability to supply on a worldwide basis has become a decisive competitive factor. We supply manufacturers not only in Europe, but also in Africa, Asia and North and South America.


The research and development departments at Trevira have available all test methods for the stringent testing demanded by the automotive industry. Spun-dyed flat and textured yarns meet the high requirements in terms of light fastness, for example.
Trevira is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and our products naturally bear the Oekotex 100 label.

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