Sustainability at Trevira

Sustainability at Trevira

Conservation of the environment and safety are firm elements of corporate activity at Trevira:
Acting in a way that takes due care and account of the future, from product development to the choice of materials used, to the ongoing development of manufacturing processes, right through to the end product, these form part of the corporate policy practised at Trevira.

Soon after its establishment, Trevira formulated certain guidelines for conservation and safety and put them into operation. In these we take our special responsibility to be:

  • Plant safety and health and safety at work
  • Conscientious handling of raw materials, energy, water, air, the earth and waste disposal
  • The safety and health of employees and neighbours
  • Compatibility of our products with the environment

We regard adherence to these basic environmental principles as an absolute precondition for corporate management that looks to the future.


Internal and external audit procedures ensure that, aware of our responsibilities, we systematically act in the interests of the environment and of society.

Our environmental policy

Going beyond that which is legally required of the company, we are committed to continuous efforts to improve our performance in relation to the environment, in preventing harm to the environment, and in sparing use of natural resources. In this way we ensure that we accept and maintain voluntary commitments, in addition to those imposed by the law. Trevira is characterised by great expertise in chemical and textile processes. In our environmental policy we will, therefore, place special emphasis on continuous improvement of our performance impacting on the environment in these areas in the development of products, the selection of materials and the further growth of our manufacturing processes, we proceed with foresight and care. In this way we help reduce the burden on the environment, in terms of emissions, effluents and waste material.

Sustainability at Trevira

Nachhaltigkeit bei TreviraHow Trevira
  • operates in an environmentally friendly way
  • makes sparing use of resources
  • accepts social responsibility
Sustainability at Trevira
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