Trevira CS at Orgatec

October 2016

Trevira City – textile solutions for modern worlds of work

With its first appearance this year at Orgatec, Trevira is taking up the Fair slogan with its stand concept. “New visions of work“, the creation of fresh solutions for modern work environments via textile innovation: this is the message of “Trevira City“, which is where the fibre manufacturer is making its presentation, along with six fabric partners. The City itself stands for new perspectives of contemporary worlds of work, where the borders between working and living become blurred and acknowledgment of this demands fresh approaches to design.

The exhibition set is made up of eight houses, made of textile materials and loosely arranged on the stand area. In the middle of the houses, whose symbolic function becomes clear from their reduced shape and archetypal silhouette, there is an open space that stands for the central themes of efficient work processes: communication, creativity, inspiration, networking and motion.

The individual houses take up the core themes of the participating exhibitors, which have a direct bearing on the highly contemporary issues in office planning.

  • entry of colours and structures previously reserved by tradition for the home into the world of work
  • acoustics as one of the most important elements in office planning.

From the outside, “Trevira City” appears in a tone-in-tone design of various shades of grey and thrives on a variety of textures and transparencies. The interiors of the houses are furnished in different colour ranges – thus the interior and exterior skins of the houses alone demonstrate a vast spectrum of textile design possibilities.

Trevira City at Orgatec presenting textile ideas and the Trevira „Cloud“.

Photos in 300dpi (Zip, 3,3 MB)

The unusual design of the stand aims to communicate messages with a long lasting effect. “In place of the rather factual product presentation, which has up until now been customary, we wished to do the unexpected with our presentation and set a clear sign“, explains Trevira’s Head of Marketing, Anke Vollenbröker. “Our aim here is to show interior designers and furnishers particularly, how versatilely Trevira CS textiles meet the demands of modern office interiors – be it as “problem solvers” when it comes to improving room acoustics, or as furnishing elements with strong design and high textile performance”.

The various facets of the exhibition display the huge range of possibilities that the participating manufacturers have already created with their Trevira CS products.

Fidivi for instance is showing a great variety of fabrics in an all-over cushion installation, in the Pugi house there is a display of materials with a wink in oversized embroidery frame strips and Baumann Dekor has an oversized lamp bursting the house dimensions.

In the Casalegno Tendaggi house the visitor dives into a fabric labyrinth. On the acoustics theme Hohmann has the visitor strolling through a display of ear sculptures and Müller Zell offers the chance of a sound shower.

Other fabric suppliers have also contributed to the textile furnishings of the fair stand. Création Baumann, JAB Anstoetz, Mattes & Ammann and Silent Gliss are sponsors for the textile decoration of the two Trevira houses.

One of the two Trevira houses accommodates the reception and catering area, impressively showing in the background how printed fabrics can provide depth to a room. The second Trevira house presents the variety of Trevira CS collections, with samples from 15 fabric suppliers. Here too the design mirrors the office theme – the fabric samples are displayed on a collection of 230 clip boards. For the design of the lounge area in the centre of “Trevira City” 23 further fabric samples, provided by ten suppliers, have been used.

„Trevira City“ stands as a meeting place for ideas, as a melting pot for innovation and as a place at which and about which people speak. This is supported by a daily performance, when a “real“ cloud hovers over “Trevira City”. This striking image is to be both eye-catcher and symbol: textile ideas, condensed in the Trevira “Cloud” for all who create modern working spaces.

Collections from exhibiting Trevira CS partners:

Baumann Dekor

Baumann Dekor: Luxury Rough

Luxury Rough: decorative fabric with elegant design from Baumann Dekor.

Baumann Dekor: Melangeoptik

New development in upholstery fabrics with the melange look from Baumann Dekor.
© Photos: Baumann Dekor

Photos in 300dpi (Zip, 6 MB)

Casalegno Tendaggi

Casalegno Tendaggi   Casalegno Tendaggi

Fine decorative qualities with shiny effect from Casalegno Tendaggi.
© Photos: Casalegno Tendaggi

Photos in 300dpi (Zip, 1,5 MB)


Fidivi: Riva

FIDIVI's new very hardwearing office upholstery fabric with high resistance to abrasion (100.000 cycles) from spun-dyed yarns.

Fidivi: Langhe

New upholstery fabric collection with melange effect from FIDIVI, available in 33 colours.
© Photos: FIDIVI

Photos in 300dpi (Zip, 4,3 MB)


Hohmann: 3D-Akustikstoff Tasso

3D acoustic fabric Tasso from flame retardant Trevira hybrid yarns with stiffening effect.
© Photo: Hohmann

Photo in 300dpi (Zip, 6,5 MB)


Pugi: Mirage

Upholstery fabric in modern appearance with stretch effect and high resistance to abrasion and pilling.

Pugi: Trevi Style

Trevi Style
A superior upholstery fabric with natural look.
© Photos: Pugi

Photos in 300dpi (Zip, 8,9 MB)

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